Werm's Pew
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  Today [March 27, '04], Gabe and I hiked up a little past Baddaddy and did a sunny new route.  Two or three pitches of diverse, wandering crack climbing, but on good rock with a continuous line, it takes a full rack of thin to 3" pro.  We rated it around 5.9 or 5.10a, with some definately interesting sections.  Worthy of a look, with about an hour hike uphill on a good trail.  We named it Werm's Pew.

  The route is up in Baddaddy Canyon above Rovanna, about 100 yards up the gully from the big cairn at the base of Baddaddy.  A few miles up Pine Creek, park at the pullout at the first and only switchback in the road.  Locate the cairn with the skull stone, and hike up a decent trail about an hour, first over the sandy moraine, then north into the gully, which is followed upward to the routes.  Worm's Pew is on a sunny buttress with a prominent roof midway.  It is just above some  large boulders in the canyon, and has a strip of brown rock on the first pitch.

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notice the natural hornblende intrusion on the rock on the cairn at the pullout....

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This is gabe leading the first pitch

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the route climbs the center of this buttress, skirting the big roof up high on the left

another view of the route
descent was made down the gully on the left side of the picture

above is as below- Hermes Trisgestus