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Friday, May 25, 2007

What a Fox......
  This beautiful animal has been coming down every evening and eating mullberries that fall on the ground outside my little Manzanar barracks.   It looks just like a large and healthy Grey Fox.......
my pet fox
6:36 pm pdt

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Down Like Buttermilk
  The kids came over this weekend and motivated me to run around outside a little while.  A certain sign of impending summertime is the lack of crowds at the Buttermilks.  There were only a few cars tucked away in a couple discrete campsites.  My daughter had to delete some rabbit pics so she could take this one of me on top of some random pinacle.   If anyone wants to see rabbits on my front porch, just let me know.....
Bishop crest
12:03 pm pdt

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Still Alive
  It has been brought to my attention that 'Spew is in need of updating.  A  few broken links folks have been complaining about have been repaired.  Apparently this is the only place to get a topo of Baddaddy up above Rovanna.  It is a good route that needs some traffic, being one of the best cracks around at the grade.
  Perhaps someone will remind me to keep this place updated.  What does everyone want to see here?  For now, here is a pic of me goofing off on some limestone up in Marble Canyon, across the river:
bouldering in marble canyon
1:59 pm pdt

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