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Esoteric Climbing and Exploration in the Eastern Sierra

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ephemeral Season
The Sierra highcountry still has plenty of snow.   The alpine season looks off to a late start this year.  Gabe and I escaped the valley heat a few nights ago by bouldering alongside the road in PineCreek Canyon.  There are a few scattered, but excellent highballs below the newly developed crags above the old tungsten tailings.  Even the tailgate bouldering seems serious here, with the thorn bushes and the memorial to the recent tradgedy that occured at this site last winter.  This canyon is beautiful and accessable, but these qualities are very proximate to a more serious aspect of this location.  The genius loci is looming, with a feeling of history and forgotten endevor. 
Speaking of thorns, congradulations to Milo and Rey of Tungstencityband, upon the birth of their son, Bryer, on May 11th.  Bryer is an excellent name for the heir to the Cagle Cactus Farm.  Save a peruvianus for Uncle herm, OK?
gabe bouldering at pinecreekgabe upcanyon
12:45 pm pdt

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