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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Anual Update
   This post is certainly late.  It has come to my attention that many of the viewers of this site are actual people, and would appreciate news from the forfront of 'spew.  The past 9 months have been a particularily pregnant period.
  TungstenCityBand still rehearses and gigs from time to time, and is still busy with new material.  Milo and his wife Rey are about to collectively have a baby next month, so band projects are on a slow simmer.
  Local recent development of climbing routes has been almost solely due to the efforts of Robert and Dan, who have been incredibly busy establishing dozens of new routes up Pine Creek Canyon on several new crags.   Cracks and faces of myriad description have been falling to the pair's efforts, with almost nothing being said about it.   I think Robert may have a few topos......
  Personally, I have been busy with my ongoing transition, turning into whatever it is that i was supposed to metamorphose into as an adult.    I still maintain a relationship with Opti, for those that wonder.....
  A new girlfriend has come into my life,  from Quebec.  She uses the screen name Fluxmechanic as her internet interface.    We have been together months  online!  She is a very interesting person that spent a few weeks out here with me in March; i think i will see her again later this summer.  I hope to intergrate her more fully into my life.    I will end with a couple pics of her at the Happy Boulders.....
Fluxmechanic a foot off the groundflux one foot up
flux and a strange animal in a cavein a cave with Fluxmechanic
7:56 pm pdt

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