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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pine Creek Cutie and the return of Deoxy.org
  Finally, Dimitri has got http://www.deoxy.org up and running again, so we can discuss bizzare interconectivity in our whirled universe.  It was long missed!   I have taken to annoying the kids over at http://www.cryptozoology.com for my symbiotic stimulation.   I will probably still pop in from time to time over there to talk to McCall, who was a prominent contributor to the wormspew forums, when they still existed.
  I have been checkin' out new routes upcanyon with Stephanie, a cute nurse from the local hospital who happens to be a solid climber, too.  There are tons of new and never-reported older routes up Pine Creek.  The number of brilliant, yet obscure routes up there is incredible; enough for a lifetime of climbing, for those intrepid enough to find them.  I remembered my digital camera today to take a couple pics of a new crack climb that we put up, as well as a really excellent moderate sport route of unknown origion.
Stephanie on a new route Steph on the FA of a cool moderate crack following an arete, about 5.8, located to the east of Pratt's Crack Canyon.
unknown sport routeThis  .10a sport route on immaculate rock was just to the left.   The name of the route and first ascentionist are unknown.  Just another forgotten gem in Pine Creek Canyon.....
5:17 pm pdt

Sunday, June 12, 2005

PSOM Pinnacle Slab Lizards
  Yesterday was again spent padding around on the expansive apron below Elderberry Buttress in Pine Creek Canyon.  This low angle expanse of excellent granite is barely noticed by modern climbers, but it was once used as a training ground for the long defunct Palisade School of Mountaineering {PSOM}.  Someone has annonymously gone to the effort of establishing a half-dozen or so excellent moderate routes consisting of mixed crack and face climbing here with an occasional shiny bolt; there are even a few beefy rap stations.  The rock is very good, and the approach takes less than fifteen minutes, unlike some of the other new areas being developed upcanyon.  Anyone interested in exploration should be mindful of the often trecherous talus on the upper slopes.
   There are now enough routes in Pine Creek Canyon to fill a decent guidebook; more than enough to keep anyone occupied for a long time.   There is also an amazing amount of worthy unclimbed lines for the intrepid to consider, both sport and trad style.  Tradition in the area is to forget to record First Ascents.  Current guides give a very limited perspective of what is actually up there.  It seems that probably no one knows of all of the forgotten, yet excellent routes.   I so do love my backyard....
lizard playin' PSOM....
9:22 am pdt

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Magic Pizza and the demise of Deoxy.org?
  Everyone want's to know what has happened to our favorite intellectual venue of discussion;  www.deoxy.org  has been on hiatus for a few weeks now.  On his other site, GNN,  dimitri has indicated that it will eventually return, but there were technical issues to work out. 
  There is no chat venue anywhere like the one at deoxy.  It serves an exteremely progressive function on the net, in that it provides a venue for serious discussion of esoteric concepts with  feed back for ideas that would otherwise be very difficult to discuss in public.
   If the return of of deoxy is not soon forthcoming, I intend to reinstate the forums and chat here at 'spew.  Many of you have indicated a desire for as much.  The last time around we developed some really good threads, and the chat was often busy, but after about a year, interest waned, and I was too cheap to spend the $100 or so necesary to re-suscribe.  Will spew soon descend to the level of donation buttons?Iyam still feeling pretty cheap about it, but I realize that some of us have work to do in cyberspace.  
  My digicam has been sickly, and so I haven't been taking any cool pics to post here.   I just figured out how to fix it, so I'll post these pics from a hike Gabe and I went on a few weeks ago.  He had found an anomalous  cluster of delicious morel mushrooms groing around an old bighorn sheep skull.  He showed me the spot, and we raided the fungi patch for gourmet pizza toppings.  We searched until dark, but every one of the mushrooms we found were growing within a few yards of the sheep skull.  
   Here is a pic of the morels and the skull after we got them home:
desert bighorn and morels
This is what I did with 'em:
morel pizza
  Sorry for the delay on the update here.   Now the digicam is better, expect to see some pics documenting the explosive growth in new climbing routes up Pine Creek Canyon!  If I build us a chat space and stuff, I may do it at www.wormspew.com.  Or, maybe I'll put it all here on the front page and give the earthlink gang bandwidth headaches!  Your feedback has been tremendously appreciated.....
4:48 pm pdt

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