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Esoteric Climbing and Exploration in the Eastern Sierra

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tungstencityband manager Lars Larson and Yerstruely did some exploratory adventure climbin' upcanyon today, and found some rusty old bolts from the Reagan years, or earlier.  We followed a prominent crack system with plenty of mountain mahogany growing out of excellent cracks.  Our route is on the central butress of this formation:
Scheelite Crag
There was a town here until the sixties, when the houses were moved from the Scheelite townsite below the crag to their current location here in Rovanna. 
Of Course, everything upcanyon is harder than it looks.  At the base of the wall, I started climbing old-school by kicking steps into some steep hard snow.  Here is me leadin' out with wet slippery shoes....
wet feet on werm
Our climb followed a prominent crack with some wide sections and plenty of bushes.  Minus a few gnarly old mountain mahogany, it would be a stellar moderate crack climb.  Only a couple really need some pruning....Here is Lars steppin' out on the second pitch:
Lars up pine creek canyon
....and throwin some snowballs that were in the way: throwin
We didn't have time to get all the way to the top of the pinnacle today, but we intend to give the awesome looking upper pitches a go pretty soon.  The old-school routes with the bolts looked pretty good, too, but we didn't get on 'em, yet.......
.....Thanks for watchin' wormspew.   We couldn't do it without ya'all.....
6:15 pm pst

Sunday, December 5, 2004

  Waiting for a storm that never comes, oh, dynamo hum.....   It is sunny and COLD in the Eastern Sierra right now, and quite beautiful.  By carefully staying out of shady icy spots, Gabe and I got to enjoy a little girl-watchin' out at th' Happy Boulders [...no pics of chix, sorry, iyam shy].  Here is Gabe on one of the Classics:
Gabe pullin
  Gabe is an incredible dude.  He was recently stranded on the Sierra Crest during an unexpected storm.  He had to hole up with minimal equipment and food for almost a week before the SAR helocopters found him.  By then he had found a cabin and built himself an expertly crafted set of snoeshoes.  Since his frigid adventure, he has been spending a lot of time in the Keough Hot Springs....
   I got to be Happy a little, too.  This is me, same boulder Gabe is on-
herm is happy....
[beware of rabbits.....]
9:58 am pst

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