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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Day Before Turkey Day.....
We installed some tremendous 400 pound sheets of glass in a ridiculously expensive concept home below Mount Whitney yesterday, and somehow managed to get done a head of schedule.  So I went upcanyon again today, and did another  lap on Silverback.  Semi- locals and expatrates Sean and Ben  went with us and worked on a new line nearby:
Sean and Ben on virgin granite
There is so much rock up Pine Creek Canyon, it will keep us busy a long time.  The hardest part of the approach is the icy stream crossing right off th' bat.  I hate cold water!  Here is Lars negotiating the crux:
lars crossing pine creek
3:32 pm pst

Sunday, November 21, 2004

And Finally, an Update.......
  Finally time to fire up Internet Explorer again,  the Foxy Thing that I like so much does not deal with my html editor gizmo so well.   I 'spose I need t' fix that, IE seems more about makin' a $ for MS than it is about offering a really good browser....
  It has been a long time since I have bothered to actually go climbing [although I climb on stuff all th' time....], but yesterday I went out with Lars and the Amazing Dr. Savage for a lap on the controversial route, "Silverback", behind the house upcanyon.  The  route is a closely bolted slippery lieback, that looks leadable on gear, but no one ever seemed to manage it.  Even with all the sexy bolts, it is still around 12a or so in difficulty.
jim savage on silverback, 12b
  It was a nice day untill afternoon,  but with the big shade came freezing winds.  It is still cold, iyam gonna stay inside today!
   ....Here is Jim and I rackin' up:
Me n
  Now that I have "borrowed" some batteries for my digi cam, I will feel more like postin' updates.  Pics make posts pretty! 
  Not much action in th' forum lately [see my link page to get there....]   But there are interesting things to think about that I would rather keep off th' front page.  No reason to offend reasonable sensebilities.   Opti and th' whirled are not quite  ready for each other, yet both are imbedded within th' other.    .......I love Zen for breakfast!
11:17 am pst

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