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Sunday, October 3, 2004

Positive Vibrations
The fifth bi-annual TuffRock Music Festival at the Warren Harding Memorial at Mill Creek Station was a huge success, thanx to Lars and Milo and everyone else that pitched in.  The crowd was a little smaller than expected, but the overall vibe was very positive, everyone seemed to notice the energy that grew as the night came. 
  All of the bands were top-notch,  but the headliner, Hamsa Lila [from the Bay Area] was a world class display of whirled world music, with an amazing blend of Indian and Islamic styles with latin carnival and regae beats, with the amazing female vocals- it was a powerful experience.  No one there was not dancing by the end of the night!
   The local Tungsten City Band whipped out a tight performance earlier that day.  Chris Canales got to finally play with his brand-new custom Quicksilver.  He had been waiting over a year for it, and it was finally delivered at the eleventh hour to his eager hands.  Check out this pic of the boys on stage at TuffRock.  This is a really novel venue, located in a historic tuff quarry, the stage is surrounded by little cliffs.
tuff rock ampitheater
12:09 pm pdt

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