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Esoteric Climbing and Exploration in the Eastern Sierra

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Glazier Speed
This week I have been doin' work down in the Alabama Hills out of Lone Pine.  The sky was terrific with storms yesterday, so I brought my camera today.  The lighting wasn't nearly as cool!
Mount WhitneyMt. Whitney, 14,494'
alabama hillsThe Alabama Hills
  On the way home, I spotted a large herd of wild burros south of Aberdeen .  I snuck out to them for a photo, only to discover that they expect people to feed 'em.  As soon as they noticed me, I was mobbed and nuzzled for treats by a half dozen of the braver burros.  I petted a couple, but they made me a little nervous, as they did not behave at all like properly wild animals.  I got lots of up close pics, but this one turned out nice.  Note the little hill in the center background.  It is called red hill, and it is a perfect volcanic ant-hill cinder cone, a pile of that red lava rock you buy down at the garden shop for your driveway:
hungry wild burros
3:50 pm pdt

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Stormy Weather
  Thunder and lightning , and snow in the high country! 
summer storm
While tromping around  along the creek this morning, I happened upon a small deer carcass surrounded by what appeared to be large cat tracks in the soft sand.  They appeared to small to be couger, however.  The deer  kill was kinda old, too, but the tracks were fresh.  I betch'a 'twas a scavenging fox that left the tracks.   I also discovered what looked suspiciously like a couple of pot plants.    I find the most interesting things when iyam just poking around......
2:21 pm pdt

Sunday, August 1, 2004

weekend update
  Been a slow week here, iyam recovering from some nasty  summertime cold that requires me to sleep half the time.  But, I did get out a little bit!
  The annual Toulumne Road Camp Party on Friday was a blast.  This by-invitation event in the high country was a huge sucess.  Johnny and the Tresspassers played blue-grass and bluesy dead-zeppelin riffs all night, and we all danced our butts off on that uneven rocky dance floor.   Word is they may be the opening band at Tuff Rock this fall.  Totally exhausted, I did not even try to face the peaks, but drove home and slept for a full day.
   Today after a slow start and some guitar strummin', I decided my lazy self needed punishing, so I ran up the Pine Creek Trail to the lake and back.  I took these pics, but my batteries died before I got to the lake- too sad!
waterfall below pine creek pass
this cascade is just below the first lake
peak above pine creek
this little peak is just above the trail before the lake.  There is an incredible amount of reasonably acessable rock up Pine Creek!  Most of it is unexplored and of reasonable quality.
2:41 pm pdt

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