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Esoteric Climbing and Exploration in the Eastern Sierra

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Bouldering in Pine Creek Canyon
  I got a little too busy playin' secret-agent mad scientist this weekend, so I didn't get as much exercise as I should.   It is really time to get up in the mountains, but there have been some afternoon storm patterns lately.  Hopefully, I'll motivate next week!  Milo was ready for a break from song writing and cactus farming, so we  went bouldering up canyon at the same spot we went last Wednesday.  It is a nice spot close to the road, good for lazy minimalist climbing daze....
  We took a few photos, here is one Milo took of Rey takin' a picture of me.....
Direct Middle Traverse......
1:31 pm pdt

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Boulderin' With the Band
  Milo and Casey rousted me after work today and we went up canyon and scrambled around and looked at a few boulder problems just up from the Pratt's Crack Area.  Good thing, I have been too much work and not enough goofin' off lately. 
Here is 2/3 of the Tungsten City Band in Pine Creek Canyon bouldering this evening:
2/3 of the tungsten city band
This is your beloved hero posing like the shamless spectacle he is...mis cajones
800+ hits at wormspew last week, thanks for the attention!
9:25 pm pdt

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Thistles and Huecos
huecos     This morning, Milo and Rey and I went 4-wheelin' up on the Coyote Warp to look at some virgin crag.  We found some nice huecos to play with, and some owls and big bugs to marvel at.  I got hungry, so I stopped to eat some thistle buds [taste like artichokes!].......  thistles
1:47 pm pdt

Monday, June 14, 2004

Fresh New UFO Photo!
  A trusted aquaintence of mine sent me these pics.   They were taken at 12:28 pm, Sunday June 13, near the summit of Funk Mountain, north of the town of Conconully, WA.  The object was not noticed untill the photos were examined later.    The skyline is Starvation, Little Granite, and Muckamuck mountains.  The photos were taken only a few seconds apart.  The Seattle UFO center and me think it is probably a bird [iyam sayin' redtailed hawk].  But I got to play with my photoshop program!
photo #1.    The Object Approaches!
Funk Mountain ufo
photo #2:       The Object has dropped below the skyline....
ufo[not a redtailed hawk]
....and take a look when we enlarge it 100x!
er....a hawk?
  Comments?  Anyone care to go to my Forum on the Links page and post an opinion?
6:12 pm pdt

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Wastin' Time
   It is so nice out today, but my truck needs fixing, so iyam hangin' out.   Any day now I outta get a jones on to get into the high country and climb an arete.   I know a couple pretty girls up in Toulumne, too.....
  In my forum, McCall and I are working on some current manifestations of the hyperdimensional scaffolding, ya know, the invisible self devouring serpent that that holds the dimensions apart.  Or whatever....
Really, we are examing the interplay between truth and myth, in the manifestations of anomalous experience [if you want this to make any sense at all, it is up to the reader to keep up to speed.....]
  This morning  I crept around in the sticks up on Gable Creek, spying on inscects and talking quietly with birds.  I took this pretty picture of some beavertail cactus with Pine Creek Pass in the background.......Beavertail flowers below Pine Creek Pass
12:15 pm pdt

Sunday, June 6, 2004

Tuff Rock Festival Kicks Ass...
   The 2004 Tuff Rock Music Festival at Mill Creek Station was a huge sucess!  An official final count of 550 + makes it the largest event of it's nature in this area.  A variety of funky grooves were displayed this year, from Celtic-Hawaian "Y'all "ternative" of Chasin' the Train, to the Tribal New-Grass of Blue Turtle Seduction.   The Lymbic System layed down a funky dance groove with attitude, while our own Tungsten City Band tried out a furious batch of new brewed material.  The Techno Carnival Ska of Delta Novae kept us all dancin into the night.  See if you can spot me in this pic-
Delta Novae and me at Tuff Rock
12:54 pm pdt

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