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Friday, April 30, 2004

In Memmorandum
Sharon Rose Harrison, nee' Rohrer
1942-2004  goodbye, mom
9:15 am pdt

Sunday, April 25, 2004

  The offwidth roof up Baddaddy Canyon is just getting more and more horrendous.  The last few attempts resulted in a net gain of less than a foot.  Turning the lip is the key, some strange topology in the crack makes it excruciatingly awkward and strenuous to execute.  Still not finished, but at this point Iyam tempted to declare it an open project.  5.12 off-width roof, anyone?  I will try again in a few daze, I will alert y'all when it goes.
roof project
3:37 pm pdt

Sunday, April 18, 2004

A Werm's Werk is Never Dun
  We haven't been around too much last week, my new project up canyon has been keeping me occupied.  The last three daze have involved a lot of swinging around in space under a big overhang, trundling blocks and digging bushes out of fingercracks.    I got as much dirt in my ears and down my back as most suburbanites have under their front lawns.
  The route is as yet undone, I need a belayer to make an official ascent.  Now that it is all pretty, iyam a bit afraid of poachers, the line is obvious, but the horizontal 4" roof crack will deter all but the most determined.  Any day now I will hopefully add some pics to my Climbs Page.
   I had an intimate encounter with a red pit bull a few days ago, he tried to bite my leg off, but I was able to slam a door on his head to lever him off.  Gotta bite, but not enough to slow me down, just a bruise and a couple tooth holes.  The cavelier attitude of some pet owners as to their responsibilities is rather pathetic, in my opinion.  What is it with people that makes them insist that their dog was provoked?  I was told "oh, he doesn't like certain people".  That dog would have really messed up a little kid.  It would be nice if even half the folks in the whirled would own up to a little responsibility.

new project on K3 pinnaclerap line on my new project

2:19 pm pdt

Monday, April 12, 2004

The Day After
I hope y'all enjoyed the rabbit and eggs festival yesterday, my kids seem to have had a good time.  Easter is one of the big mojo hollidaze, along with christmas and halloween.  The christians pretend ownership of these daze, but they are actually natural geometric divisions of the solar cycle, numinous in their own regard.
  The weather has been fantastic [look at the weather report box on this page].  I spent the entire weekend out at the Happy boulders with the lizards and wildflowers.  Guess there is room for a few more bouldering sessions this year, specially if there are gonna be cute gals out there.
  Well, wormspew has been edited, contented, and optimised in the past few daze.  Things should be slick around here, fresh coat of grease.  Watch your footing....  However, I did find something i need  to fix, seems that baking soda is not the ideal all purpose cleaning material, after all, which explains some recent puzzling results.  Werm's pew is constantly evolving, for your own befuddlement....
   the day after
the day after.....
7:23 am pdt

Thursday, April 8, 2004

What doesn't Kill us only makes us Stronger
  Surgery at Wormspew the last few days.  I still don't know if we caught a bug or if it was just a twitchy typing finger, but we lost alomost all of the image files for wormspew, and I had only a partial back-up.  Iyam sure there must have been an easier way to fix things,  but the carnage gave me an opportunity for some sirius file editing.  I chopped some more fat, and cleaned up a few things, and now I think the site is sleeker and more functional than ever, with some hidden goodies for those of y'all that are inclined.  Of course, your feed back is not only appreciated, but essential to the site.  Thank you all so very much for the support.
-alien in a jar-
-remember  to poke holes in the lid-
3:22 pm pdt

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