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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Developments at Wormspew
   It has been a busy weekend here at mission control.  I have added several new web pages to this site for those of you that care to hunt for them, as well as a few cool new links.
  I have received another report of a sighting of a couple more Giant Alpine Hares, this time on White Mountain.  See the cryptozoology thread in my forum or the links to cryptozoology.com on my Mysteries of the Werm page.  If any of you know of any semi-credible sightings of an animal like this, please let me know.
   We put up a new route yesterday in Baddaddy Canyon, a little farther up the gully on a sunnier wall.  It is a cool two pitch 5.10a crack  climb on a granite buttress.  I walked up there today and watched a couple folks on the first pitch of Baddaddy, I hope they like it.  They are prolly still there, as I just got back myself.  Lots of stuff to do....
looking at here from up there.....
what here looks like from there....
3:10 pm pst

Thursday, March 25, 2004

   Lots of stuff  goin' on in th' whirled.  I got an e-mail with a report of a giant alpine rabbit, similar to the one I described on my mysteries page.  Crypto bunnies, anyone?  Got some new route activity up in Baddaddy Canyon,  and the numinous mystery beckons as never before.
    Water on Mars.  I wonder if they will produce an alien just in time for the November election?  Dubya seems to be losing his grip, I would not be surprised to see some incredible development around the beginning of October.  Can't blame the guy for wanting to steal an oil-rich country, can I?
  no war for oil
6:40 am pst

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Another Warm Weekend.
   The Tungsten  City Band tore it up at the Pit Climber's Camp on Friday, and the scene was groovy, perfect high desert evening outside.  They played Tahoe Saturday, and are catchin' Kellor Williams tonite, while I watch over the big red dog, Bud.
  I hiked up Baddaddy Canyon today and free soloed a couple of fun easy new pitches.  Everything is good to go up there right now.  And there are tons of lines yet unclimbed.  Nice thing to have in th' backyard!new route potential......
Warm and waiting.....
3:41 pm pst

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

We are all Amazing....
  It is getting really warm in Bishop these days and the snow is melting fast in the high country.  Startin' to scope out the crags.  Tungsten City Band is gonna play at th' Pit climber's camp this Friday night, and we were curious as to why our buddy Scott, the BLM climbing ranger, had not hung any flyers up to advertise for us.  Turns out he was busy bein' buried alive in a huge avalanche high on Mount Tom.  His ski buddies found his hand stickin' out of th' snow and decided to dig him up.  Looks like he will be all right, thankfully.  The slide is big enough to see from here.
4:28 pm pst

Monday, March 15, 2004

That time of year
Tungsten City Band will play at th' Pit Climber's Camp, 6 1/2 miles north of Bishop off  Pleasant Valley Road this coming Friday night.  Lots of new material, this should be a PARTY!  http://www.tungstencityband.com
  Milo and I hiked up Baddaddy Canyon yesterday to look at new routes and to groom the approach trail a little.  Rolled a bunch of rocks, and selected a couple of FA projects for the comming weeks.  A whole undeveloped area, all to ourselves.  How long will it last?
baddaddy canyon

Looking up into Baddaddy Canyon. 

5:55 am pst

Thursday, March 11, 2004

   Aight, y'all, time for a few questions....   Iyam considering adding a few features to the site, and would like your opinions.  After all, y'all make the site.  Which of the following would you be interseted in?
1] A personal profile page.  If y'all sent me pics and biographical info, I could werk up a personal profile for each of you, linked to a seperate page, probably.    It could include personal art work or other  media.  If enough of you send me stuff, I will do it.
2] How happy with the Forum are You?  Is it too hard t' read still?  What about privacy?  Password entry is an option.  Or is it cool the way it is?
3] What about a classified section?  Any of y'all wanna advertize?
As for what I want, I think the profile pages would be the most fun, and probably the most werk for me, as I would have to do the actual editing.  It is also only possible if enough of you send me stuff  to make it manifest.  I would do it, if ya like.  The other stuff iyam less interested in, but iyam receptive to what I can do for you!
4:47 pm pst

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Wormspew is Cool!
It is amazing, Wormspew has become a hip website with an actual community, with a stimulating exchange of ideas.  The Vampire thread caught me off guard, but it seems to fit well enough.  Pirates loom over the horizon, and I have a pic  of a possible Chupacabra-
   This animal is said to have unusual claws, and jumps much like a kangaroo.  Could lt be a Chupacabra?  It's name is Buddy-buddy
The Chicago Chupacabra
4:07 pm pst

Sunday, March 7, 2004

Tungsten City Band at the Pit March 19
http://www.tungstencityband.com    Remember, Next Friday, the boyz will bust out a couple hours of their eclectic funky fusion at the Pit Climber's Camp, 6 1/2 miles north of Bishop, CA, on top of the hill one mile down Pleasant  Valley Road.  This is not to be missed.  This is a free show, but donations will be gladly accepted. tungsten city band in mammoth
2:29 pm pst

Come play Wormspew
  I have been hard at werk fixin' the place up, and it is starting to get a little cozy in here.   I appreciate all of your suggestions for how to make this place in space better.
    There is lots more to do.  Iyam trying to get it all.  I have some stories that I should eventually write down and fold in here somewhere.   But untill then, keep in mind that procrastination always pays off immediately!
Special thanks to all of my super gueststarz- Annie, McCall, Freedom, Leadfoot, Cindy, Relayer, Chrystylyn, Mimo and anyone that i forgot.  It is y'all that will make this site cool.   Party on.......
1:58 pm pst

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

New and Improved Wormspew
  Warm regards to all of you that come t' play here at Wormspew.  The Chatroom has been a lot of fun, and the New Forum [top of my LInks page for access] is turning into a wild free-wheeling whirl of ideas,  Thanks to those of you doin' all the creative work.
   I have spent a few days editing the place and just cleaning up.  I have reduced file sizes considerably, so Wormspew should operate faster, and I have linked most of the pics for good flow and maximum content.  I didn't mess with the overall appearence much, but if you have not been in here in a while, iyam betting you will be impressed.  Check it out, it gets better everyday!
Dogs in love:
bud n

this is bud and mary, the official tungsten city band dogs.

Speakin' of TCB, the boys are going to put on a Concert at the Pit Climber's Campground [near the Pleasant Valley Campground, on the hill] for climbers and other intersted parties on Friday evening, March 19.    Bishop for Spring Break this year!  They have been working furiously on new material, and they are tighter than ever.  You don't wanna miss it!

2:49 pm pst

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