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Esoteric Climbing and Exploration in the Eastern Sierra

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Sunday, February 29, 2004

We Clean Up Real Nice
But ya still can't take us anywhere.            The  Wormspew Forums and Chatroom have been upgraded.   In addition to my pretty picture, we get rid of the pop-ups and other adds, and we have lots more space.  Everyone please deposit yer 2 cents,   let's build something interesting together.
4:49 pm pst

Saturday, February 28, 2004

......who's gonna clean up this mess?
....A deeply heartfelt thanx to the crew at deoxy.  I couldn't do it without ya.  Iyam gonna spend this morning on damage control, mebbe take Bud, the elephantine wonder dog, bouldering this afternoon.
....Thank you McCall, too, for your help in our project.  I hope you continue to hit that ball back over the fence.......
    (how is it i meet so many yummy gals, and iyam such a hermit?)
love alla ya-
10:04 am pst

Friday, February 27, 2004

Nice afternoon t'day
Hello,  Tam-
So very nice t' meet you t' day!
9:27 pm pst

Forum Topics
Anybody got anything you want to talk about?  Click on my Forum Button on my Links page and Post a new topic.  Or feel free to comment on what's goin' on allready.....    I think I will start putting a brief climbin' report under my climbin' info thread, to give up to the minute details of local conditions, with maybe some climbing oriented ranting.  I would welcome other opinions in this or other threads, or jusk ask a question.  Iyam tryin' t' recruit a couple of chaos philosophers to hold some scaffolding together.   I think wormspew has some potential to be the ultimate between the cracks website, if y'all that read this will play a little with us....  C'mon, it's gonna be Fun!
1:51 pm pst

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Signs of the Times.....
   The hot topic  in the Wormspew Forum on my  page is Hyperdimensional entities.  I suspect they are manifestations of a dispersed hypersentient scaffolding that organizes how things fit together.  This is my theory of the morning.  McCall has some deep ideas on this, but he holds his cards close.   I really appreciate his input.   Anyone that feels they are up to it is welcome to jump on this topic, or start a new one.   We are allowed to talk about ordinary stuff, too.
7:17 am pst

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Interactive Wormspew
   The new interactive features, my chat room and my Forum, are turning out to be useful, entertaining, and popular.  People actually use them once in a while.   Check em out, we owe it all to a weekend of nasty weather here in Rovanna....   These new functions take the site in a new direction; much creative energy will come from people besides myself, who knows where we will go.  Nothing i like better about wormspew than keeping it blurry around the edges....   Oh yeah- Howdy McCall!  He's the Special Guest Star in the Forum.....  He gets all the beer he wants........
10:42 pm pst

Friday, February 20, 2004

New Wormspew Forum
  I have actually had a few visitors in my new chatroom from deoxy.  Sorry if I missed anyone.  I have added a Wormspew Forum to the top of my links page with my other forums  [i also deleated a couple that i didn't use much].   Please feel free to post messages  and interesting topics.  I will also keep the questions form page for private messages [it goes to my e-mail]  but I may deleate the mailbag page in favor of the forum, which seems prolly more functional.  I need some cool topic posts, so help me out, y'all.
10:56 am pst

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Wormspew Now has a Chat Room!
Take a look at the top of this page just below the navigation bar-  Click on the coffee cup for live chat at Wormspew!   See, now everyone can flame me or tell me how wonderful iyam to my owns elf.  Opticus is excited, too.  After it loads, you enter a username and a short profile, and start typin'.  Hit your "enter....>" key for a talk button.  Deoxy is always down, let's see how well this werkz!
9:35 pm pst

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy V Day!
 Today i went to the Happy boulders and did problems on the V scale, and saw lots of cute girls- maybe the second best way to spend Valentine's Day!  Afterwards I followed two sets of huge Skunk prints along the river, that walked over the tracks that I made hiking in.  Either one would have been big as any skunk I ever saw.  .....Two old Valentine's Skunks.  A little bit of tie-dye hoasca afterward just to let me know everything is connected.....  TCB played Little Eagle today, some cuties there, too.  I hope that I was conspicuous in my absence......
6:54 pm pst

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Carbonates and Salts
   This week I have been working out at the Benton Hotspring Paiute Tribe Rancheria.  Nice and remote.  Lots of little kids over there throwing rocks keeps a glazier busy.  Did a little bouldering last weekend, it seemed like a replay of the week before.  The wheel keeps turning.  Check out the Hyperdymensional Discusion over at Deoxy.org.  They have the best deals in barely ordered chaos.  We talk about self referential sandwitches and time traveling octopuses.  Harmless fun.....
6:43 am pst

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Everything You Know will be Gone before You Know It........
    The sunshine is back this cold morning after the storm.  Snow in Bishop!  Last weekend I spent running around at the Happy Boulders and watching TV{transdimensional vortex}.  TCB is hard at work recording a new album.  The new stuff rocks.  Decided to name th' wyrm "Opticus".      TODAY IYAM 41.......................................................
7:27 am pst

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