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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Adjacent to Sad and Lonely.......
  On saturday, in under an hour, wearing old style Sportiva Boulders, I ran into the happies and pulled down one each, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and a V6 [the hulk].   On Sunday some obscure exploration was done with Mick and Dimitri on the western Tableands.  Nicer views on that end of town.....   Once again, development of Rovanna is threatened.  Of course, we will all be displaced when this happens with more desireable wealthy fat people, who will undoubtedly spend lots of money in our local economy.  Too bad none of us will be able to afford to live here anymore.    So, why are girls so weird?   Am I really so much?  Or really so little?  Iyam convinced that iyam something special, but how to convince  an intellegent female of this?   As there is no answer, I will continue to do as I do......
4:22 pm pst

Monday, January 19, 2004

Shakin' the Scene
Did something a little different this weekend- I hung out with actual People!  I hung out with Sarah and Val and the Rovanian Bouldering Posse.    Buttermilks on Saturday, the  weather was wonderful.   On Sunday we hiked out to the Trenches on the Tablelands with Mick Ryan and Dimitri and the Rovannians.   Got my truck stuck inna sand for a minute.  Found some cool petroglyphs.  But really it is all about hangin' out with some of the coolest ladies around.   What could possibly come of all this shiny goodness?  Hangin' with Tenaya and Jevan tonite- a nice way to start my week.   .....And that Rabbit hole digs me, it seems......
6:27 am pst

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Hulk goes Down!
Good Session in the Happies today.  Finally did the Hulk for the first time since bustin' my Sternum.  Funny, didn't know I was that strong yet.  Of course, it only counts since I didn't wear proper rockshoes.   Nothing like the old discontinued brown Sportiva Boulders.   Of course, the endorsement only applies to old school stuff;  the latest model is absolute shit for climbing, and yet is too fluffy-lookin'  to wear around town.   .............    Iyam told that I need a really fancy old Toy Box for all my stuff- hmmmmm.  Gonna have to work on that......
2:18 pm pst

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Hooze There?
I Got Hacked!      Mindin' my own transcendental business when EL alerts me that my account has been Unlawfully acessed and my sycrt wyrd stolyn.  They gnow not what they have taken-  the wyrd that reaps  whyrlwyndz.....  Caution, theives that you do not burn.....
8:06 pm pst

Sunday, January 4, 2004

The Wheel Keeps on Turning....
It is definately boulderer season at the Happies.  Lots of pads and dogs.  I ran in today without rockshoes, pads, chalk, or water and did about 20 problems from V0 to V5, including Serenghetti, Ketron Classic, Solarium and Big Chicken.  Can't quite pull the Hulk yet this year without shoes, but it will happen.  It was a bright shining Sunny day on the Eastside today....  Tonite the TungstenCityBand plays at Lakanuki in Mammoth.  Check out their website on my links page.  [and Val, if you see this, iyam thinkin' of ya....]
5:09 pm pst

Friday, January 2, 2004

We barely got our white x-mist in Rovanna, with the storm hitting at nightfall.  Yesterday it snowed again.  Today is sky blue and sunny,  Maybe six inches on the ground. The valley down yonder looks dry- maybe I'll get some climbin' in this weekend afterall.  If I can get out of my driveway......  As the snow silently engulfed, I coincidentally ran into and got re-aquainted with an old friend from WAY back.  A sweet gal with the soul of an ancient lion.  Nothing like the unexpected surprise of reuniting with someone that loves you, even if she knows you happen to be a highly functioning basket case  with the bulk of your mind stretched far from any legal reality.  I hope she wants to see me some more.....    Keep an eye open, folks- something tells me that things are about to get interesting.   And please don't forget, everyone, that there are folks in charge of shit that intend to lie to you and take advantage.   It's far past the time for us to know when to just say NO to power hungry stupidity......
11:26 am pst

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