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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Out the In Door
Another blurry week in Paradise.   A little chalkless low tech bouldering to V5, but pretty low key.   Committment Isues.  Kicking and Screaming for the Exit.    .....and I discovered that the actual Santa is  tall and thin, and has  a face made of black canvas....
4:56 pm pst

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Icy Kahuna
TCB played at Lakanuki Lounge in Mammoth on Sunday evening, and enjoyed a great turn out for a schoolnite.  The boys got lotsa new songs and they are tighter than ever.  And the hottie that fell on her head seems to be just fine.               It snowed hard on us here in Rovanna over the weekend, but I still got a bit of bouldering in .   The Tungsten Hills Circuit is slowly becoming the place to go not get scared-   Buttermilk light, tastes great, but less filling.....        I have been thinkin, it's that time of year, about that strange old guy that hands out remarkable toys from beneath sacred trees.    The toybringer/lightgiver/sender of the cake with a key baked into it.    SANTA SANTA SANTA      there is a sanity clause, after all.....
6:48 am pst

Sunday, December 7, 2003

Seeking the Toymaker
Crankin' on Lava at the Happies this weekend.  Power and endurance are weak ahora, but there are signs that I will be scaling upside down volcanic extrusions again this winter.  Just don't take me for granite......That Xmisty thyme a year again.  IYAM beginning to believe in a literal toymaker that is the same thing as Santa, but maybe not necesarily Santa;  there are toys to be played with that are only shared between minds, not hands.  The toymaker is ruthlessly generous, but elusive in the extereme-except when he makes an all out commando assault down my chimney, exploding holliday cheer in a cacophoneous cat-in-the hat batten down the hatches sort of transcendental military op.  I chase the toymaker as he doppalar shifts into red, dropping in pitch, a doppleganger down a rabbit hole.   The toymaker teases and treats, but all of a sudden, I run into the long-lost toy-factory girl- Gawd she is cute enough that I can't remember how to think around her-  Sincrowniceity-  there goes the toymaker, here is the toygirl;  I wonder if she is catchable, either?
4:49 pm pst

Monday, December 1, 2003

THC is Hot
IYAM starting to boulder again-  makes my chest sore, but I think I am almost back on it.  Went to the THC this weekend and it is actually getting popular-"Buttermilk Light"- tastes great, but less filling.  Also the warmest micro-climate around here.  A bunch of nice folks down from Sanoma [Vertex Climbing Gym Posse] were tearing up all of the classic problems- if they send me some pics, I will post a couple.  MR has been handing out my topo, it seems.  IYAM OK with that, as long as it is a freebie-  but IYAM the author and impetus behind it, and don't like the idea of others profiting from my hard work- but I understand that the secret is out, and that is mostly my own damn fault.   Maybe it will help to disperse the massess....Hung out with Tenaya and Jevy this weekend some- they are a couple cool little kids.....I hope Santa treats them well this year.    As for mysELF, the elvisis have been very generous with their gifts.   I only hope that I can make the most of what they provide for me......  Working in Mammoth today, I think.  Brrrrrr!  Yuck!
6:08 am pst

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