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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

What about that Frog?
What about that frog on a top a th' page?  If ya click on 'em and buy their list of "compnies that will give you $ to take surveys"  they 'sposed t' give me a %.   I wonder what y'all think of it?  Sell out?  Rip off?  Or should I put one on every page?  I don't think it will earn me more than enough to pay my phone bill!  {check th' sitemeter}.....   And, oh, yeah, I would like to thank everyone that has provided input to this site.  I want it to be simultaneously amusing, useful, interactive, and a tad bit mystifying.  Tell me what ya want.....
3:45 pm pst

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The thing with Rabbits......
....a trail of breadcrumbs leading down the Rabbit hole.   "I'm Late, I'm Late!"......  Obviously a trap~ not to lure him out, I think I'm supposed to go on in after him.  The White Rabbit, dropping breadcrumbs behind hisElf, making trax and trapx.   The foryms are wyrd lately; the Wyrm is up to tryx.  Thy sycryt wyrd today iz xylophyne.....
4:22 pm pdt

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Lots of New Stuff!
If y'ain't been here in a while, take a bit to check out my mysteries of the worm page and the new look for my links page [as well as my 1990 Details article in iamwatiam].
Dr says I gotta owie.  All the bad is in cartillage, so he wasn't nearly as worried as I was.  Prolly back to work on Monday.   Ewwwww.......
6:59 pm pdt

Monday, October 13, 2003

I've added the 1990  magazine article I was featured in to my  iamwhatiam page.  Click on the mag cover towards the bottom  to see the successive pages. I'm supposed to go to the Dr. and get an X-ray, so I needed a procrastination project!  Folks sometimes ask me to see this, so here it is.........
11:38 am pdt

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Happily Ever After
Milo and Rey are finally Married, and boy are we glad that's over!  Everything was choice, the ceremony at Convict Lake, below Mt. Laurel, and the reception after at Mill Creek.  Now we can all start to worry about our own issues....
Now for the Absurdities section......Somehow, I've become this skeptical Bigfoot debunker.  It isn't fair, I like Bigfoot, and wouldn't want to offend him.  Unfortunately, I am hard to fool.   The Russians are playing tricks-  peek at the new stuff on my Mysteries of the Worm page.
Jules- I was glad to see you, but I could have been better without it.
11:39 am pdt

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Busy Day!
I am catering Milo and Rey's wedding rehearsal dinner tomarrow night at Mill Creek Station.  My presant for them.  Dinner for 40+.
Summer Green Salad with Arugylua and Endive.  Balsamic Vinegerrette or Ranch
Fajita Kebabs!   Beef, Chicken and Veggie.  Marinaded in Purreed Pears with Molassas, garlic, soy and balsamic vinegar.
Pineapple-Mango Salsa with garlic and roasted red jalepenos al fresco
Ice Cream Sandwitches for desert!
Busy all day prepping this stuff and getting ready.  Also worked on this site,  converted over some of my fatter pics to .jpg files and freed up a bunch of webspace.  Now I can cram in more photos to slow things up!  Still injured- no work today or tomarrow.  May see a Dr.  Yuck!  He will just tell me to settle down!  I get a lot of computer time this way, but I need to work, and I would like this to once again be a climbing oriented site!  I have been changing stuff around, so have a look.  Some of my more cluttered pages should now download a little quicker.  Does anyone read this stuff?  I would be thrilled to hear from anyform of life out there....Hellooooo?...........
9:26 pm pdt

Sunday, October 5, 2003

Tuff Rock was a Hoot!
The music festival at mill creek was good.  The bands have all been practicing.  Deemed Unscenic and Blue Turtle Seduction were surprisingly good.  A bunch of Milo's buddies from down south were in attendence, due to the upcoming wedding.  So many sweet purdy girls that I couldn't focus on any particular one long enough to catch her.
   Gonna hang out with my favorite Kids tonite.  I miss 'em.  Work tomarrow, oh @#$%!
11:02 am pdt

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Always more editing!
Eastern Sierra Tuff Rock Music Festival`  this saturday at mill creek station.  For precise info, check out the "local music scene" link on my link page.  This is good stuff, folks.  Me and the Tungsten City Band will be there, along with a bunch of other bands and cool east side folks.  Went back to work today for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Still kinda sore, but I'm starting to exercise a little bit.  The batchelor party was a huge success with strippers and everything.  I am very glad no one got hurt.  I got a couple of pics that I will not be posting here.......  Talked to my ex today, and she made me cry.  Nothing like wading down the strip ankle deep in porn to make you miss your kids and family........
8:35 pm pdt

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