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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Cut the Fat!
Got an E-mail from Earthlink.  My site sucks up to much band width or whatever, and it is much too popular for a non-commercial site.  If I don't cut some fat, they're gonna shut me down.  Excuse me for doin' a good job.....
Prolly I can cut a few non-essential photos, and enfold any future additions into my ghost site on linked pages.  I think that is the best way to go for now.
Leaving tommarow for Vegas!  Batchelor par-dee in the Stratosphere Penthouse!  $$$$$   Everyone but me gets to go climbing after.  I'm gonna take pics and whine about my ribs.  Might go back to work next week.
Had a nice chat with my Ex yesterday.  Could have done without that.  We both know we fucked it up, but I need to move on.....     Back to work!  Edit!  Edit!  Edit!
9:51 am pdt

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Human Dradle, Spinning Around, How Cum you don't Dizzy Out and Fall Down
A great, low key gig with TCB last night.  I met a Yummy gal named B...., prolly never see her again.  So nice-      After tons of work, I think the site finally has it's basic shape, but I plan to continue adding pages and editing content.  Judging from the data in my sneeky-peeker, it seems that wormspew's biggest fan is someone in the NETHERLANDS!  They are the ones listed in my site meter as spending the most time and reading the most of my pages.  Welcome to Wormspew, hollander!  Could I interest you in a smoke and a pancake? A bong and a blitz?  Is there no pleasing you?  Watch this space-More to Cum!      
11:09 am pdt

Thursday, September 18, 2003

New Webspace!!!
my computer plays tricks on me.  I'm hooky from worky tryin' to fix a rib, and confuzer tells me it wants a whole morning of updatin' and downloadin' and coaxin' before it's gonna let me get anything done.  It's so cute!  Check out my revision of the interesting climb's page.  Take a hike at THC.....
Tungsten City Band at whiskey Creek in Mammoth tomarow night!
8:56 pm pdt

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Tungsten City Band this weekend in Mammoth!
That's right y'all!  TCB plays Friday and Saturday Nights at Whiskey Creek North this weekend, No Cover!  9:00 pm
Stylee funk-jazz-fusion dance sounds from our own Eastern Sierra.  I'll be there freakin' by the speaker.  Oh, I do like them purty gals up t' Mammoth!
see my links page for more TCB updates.
3:03 pm pdt

Monday, September 15, 2003

EEwww, it makes me wonder~
Yesterday I googled, today I don't.  Jissum, lissen to yerself!  Thine ways are wyrd..........
I'm getting flamed over in rockclimbing.com over  postings about people telling people to wear helmets.  I dug into the User Profiles to check out my biggest provoceteur;  turns out he has the same name as my little boy!  Not a very common name, actually this is the only other time I've heard it.  Cool!  The site has nearly maxed out it's webspace-  I gotta idea where  to find some more........
4:32 pm pdt

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Goggle wormspew
I am so proud!  google wormspew  and there we are!  Just like a Real Website.....
4:26 pm pdt

Close Call
Some heavy editing this weekend.  I busted that old camera up into little bits.  $220 later, and I got a new fancier one, so I went on a picture taking craze, trying to get a little content here, ya know.
Turns out, I set my fancy camera for maximum resolution fer purtier pictures, but that uses lots and lots of memory, and I overflowed my Max of 10 MB that I got here.  When that happened, about half of my pics disappeared!  I was up all night re-downloading and editing.  Some things are just gone.  The Nekkid Folks page was cut in order to conserve memory.  I think, eventually i can swap out my hi- res pics for some fuzzier ones, and thus free up some room.  I will at least rotate pics to keep things fresh, but I will have to look at ways to expand this site if it is to develope as i envision it.
Folks over in crypto seem overly grumpy and agitated.  Damn ferret over there calling me obscure names, I think.  See what gives~
Running a website turns out to be a lot o' work.  It is deveoping right along as the premire shwartzphenomen-mountaineering page on the net.  I sorta got the market cornered.  I may be the only one who can do this stuff and still write about it, too.
Keep the flow goin' both ways, my imaginary readers!  Let's make this stuff come alive~
12:03 pm pdt

Friday, September 12, 2003

Cheap Digital Cameras!
Check out the new look.  I got a cheap digi cam and I think I deleted all its brains, my ol' pentium 4biggig sucked it dry like like a chupacabra's breakfast.  At least I got a few good pics first.  I went out to photo petroglyphs on the Devil Boulder  today, where i once dug up a blood sealed envelope addressed to lucifer.  Thought i had me some content, but the damn camera is in a vegetative state.
Tenaya and Jevy are hangin' out tonite.  Tenaya choose the color of today's posting.  Those kids interface with the computer far more naturally than I do.  Uh-Oh....
Keep the feedback comming in, this is your chance to  CONTROL MY MIND.......
And if anybody knows how to resurrect my d-cam, you tell me what.
8:17 pm pdt

Thursday, September 11, 2003

New Stuff!
Okay, check out what i did.  There are new photos and content about climbing on the reccomended routes page.  Couple of good additions to the Mailbag.  Also, I changed the design of a couple pages, just to add to the caos.  I tried to scrunch things up a bit to reduce scrolling, but it only helped a little.  If anybody out there is a Trellix Wizard, feel free to tell what buttons to push.
Got a three day weekend, but with a busted rib, think I'll mostly work on this site and hang out a little with Tenaya and Jevy, two of my very favorite people.  Don't be shy, stir the pot.  Tell me what you want to see.  I'll do it or tell you why I won't.  Take a ride!
8:35 pm pdt

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Comments on this site are trickling in.  I will consider all suggestions, consistant with my ability to implement them.  Those of you who spy, well, I've known 'bout the likes of you for a long time.
I have a report that my guestbook doesn't work, but it seems to whenever I try it. I'm gonna get rid of that sucker if it don't do anything.  Hit one of the contact me links or just email me if you are posting comments that I don't seem to repond to.
C'mon, folks, step up and ride the pony!
4:43 pm pdt

Monday, September 8, 2003

Bouldering Jauggernaut Approaches
Still hot in the midday, But noticeably cooler onna ends.   Z'up  t' Aspendale today [California's Highest Elevation Permanent, Year-round,  Residences], and it was nippy!  If you goan' go upina montains  these days, best wear a poly-top or better, one o' them nice fuzzy prana or paddygonuts light fleece shirts@.
I like those folks over in crypto; just a nice, big disfunctional family.  Go check out some profiles, and see if you don't get family reunion deja-vu!
7:12 pm pdt

Sunday, September 7, 2003

Dead Bear Photographed
They dared me, an' they got no clue what they're dealin' with.  I bought me a digital camera and drove out past Mono Lake and went on a run thru the stinging nettle and the quicksand.  After a couple of hours, I took some pictures of tufas and checked out a creepy freshwater spring that drained into Mono Lake.  Crestfallen, I srarted back, and within a mile of the truck, there it was -  the legendary dead bear.  Most of it was gone, including the head, but i got some photos to prove , once and for all, that dead bears just lay there and smell bad.  I'm gonna try to put a dead bear photo on my mysteries of the wyrm page.   [and in case your worried, I'm pretty sure i separated my lower left rib from my sternum.  it clicks when i hiccup.]  Off to work tommarrow at the h.s.
8:14 pm pdt

Saturday, September 6, 2003

Should I get a Digital Camera for this Site?
Would any of you like more pictures?  Bouldering season will be here soon. The folks over in cryptoville have dared me to produce a picture of a dead bear.    Will I actually bring a Camera with me anywhere?
10:12 pm pdt

Is there anybody out there?
Been trying to spread this address around a little in cyberspace, and I wonder if anyone ever stumbles over this crap[uhm,  useful misinformation, I mean}.  If I have an audience, please tell me, and I will try harder to make a spectacular fool of myself.   Go to the feedback page and fire off a note to let me know ya care.    There is some new stuff on the links page, and some new content on the routes page[the secret tungsten hills circuit, oooh!]     My chest still hurts-I probably seperated the lower left rib from my sternum, I think.  I think it sucks.  And how come my return key won't  work?  Computers are like dogs, the smart ones are the hardest to handle.  Keep in touch, world, and I may do likewise.                            
10:44 am pdt

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Waiting for the Worms.......
The worm finds you when it finds you.  I was in a forum at cryptozoology.com, talking 'bout native american legends of the stickmen.  I clicked a link and saw, in a totally unrelated site, an entry for "stickmen".  [www.indianchild.com/stick-man-animations.htm]   Read that email address again and tell me this thing ain't tring to say something.   Ewweeee-ewwwww!  Synchronicity!  I clicked on it and it was cute little stick figure animations.  Oh, well.  I got up to get something to eat, and I tripped over a folding chair.   I fell down upon it, and the aluminum tubing corner jabbed me in the solar plexus, right on that little cpr nubbin called the xyphoid process.  If I hadn't caught myself as I went down, I believe I may have impaled myself.   I lay on the floor gasping and my vision going all tunnel for about ten minutes or so.
I was deadly scared; I thought I was gonna die.  It may have been the closest call I've had for a while [read this blog, I get a lot!]  I held a 2lb bag of frozen peas on my chest all evening now, I've got a purple bruise right  over mi corazon, and it still hurts like all Jisum Crow.   Point is, you can die in yer bedroom,  impaled on a chair, and it's as likely to happen as being struck by lightning, or eaten by a lion, or falling off a mountain.  Any given scenerio is highly unlikely to get you, but it is absolutely certain that something will.  It speaks, and we will listen.
9:28 pm pdt

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