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The Smith Family

There is a joke among genealogists
about learning that your long-lost great
grandmother’s maiden name was Smith
…..well, guess what?

This has been a difficult family for me to find information on.  A great break came in June of 2000, when I received information from a distant Smith cousin, in Michigan, named George Lawton.  In the process of moving to a new residence, he had found, in an old spice cupboard, a journal belonging to Jane Woodward Smith, wife of Milton Smith, our mutual ancestors.  

Also in the journal was a very long letter, handwritten by Calvin Smith, my fourth great grandfather, born in 1786.  The letter was written in several parts, beginning in October 1862 and completed in January 1863.  In this letter, Calvin spoke of his great love for his family, especially his son, Milton, who was my third great grandfather.  He gives a brief account of his family history, whereby I was able to unlock some more of the puzzle of the Smith family ancestry.  (the genealogy I have found, as a result, follows this page)

The letter was transcribed and sent to me.

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My Great grandmother
Augusta Eunice Smith
Gussie's parents were Edgar Smith and Harriet Eliza Foster.
She had one sister, Jennie, who married a man named Skinner
and Jennie had one daughter, Gertrude (Gertie).

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Milton Smith 1810-1888
Gussie's grandfather
Supervisor of the Town of Stockton, NY 1848-53
Elected Sheriff of Mayville, NY 1854

photo taken from "History of Chautauqua County"

Some of the Smith Family

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This picture was taken in Seattle, Washington, c. 1892
Back Row:
Jennie (Smith) Skinner, Harriet Akers,
seated is Harriet (Foster) Smith, Augusta (Smith) Akers
(my great grandmother), Gertie Skinnner (Jennie’s daughter)
Front Row:
Edgar Akers, John Francis Akers,
Mattie Akers (my grandmother), John Foster Akers

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Jennie Smith
about 12 years old

Jennie Smith
about 25 years

Jennie and Augusta Smith
c. 1890

Smith Family Genealogy

Home Akers Maxfield Riley Foster Smith
Brothertown Indians Fowler Estes Varney Wescott Gifford
Coggeshall Otis Livingston Abell Cousins Royalty
Maxfield photos Hyde Partridge Tuttle Carr Strong
King Davies Patterson Woodward    

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