Sharon's son, Sean, said most of this at his mother's memorial.

My mom was always on top of everything. She had a place for everything and always knew where everything was, especially in the kitchen. When we were putting away the dishes and didn't know where something went we just yelled out to mom (she was in watching TV with Dad as we slaved away in the kitchen <g>) and say "where does the cheese grater go?" She'd yell back precise instructions to guide us to the precise nook in the cabinet to hold that particular item. If we had misplaced our school books or pee-chee's she would know where she put them after cleaning up (usually on the stairs going up to our room). We'd yell out, "Mom, have you seen my pee-chee?" She'd tell us where to look. She would put Dad's books away from off the floor next to his chair even when he didn't want her to. He'd have to ask her "have you seen my books?" and she'd tell him so matter-of-fact, "they're over there on the book shelf where they belong". Ha! That's the way she was. She always knew where things were.

With that quality of her's in mind I was thinking of the lack of love shown her by her so-called brothers and even some members of her family. I was particularly hurt by weakness shown by those who knew her to be nothing but a saint. But I was moved by her steadfast resolve to continue to show love to others despite her own treatment. I wrote this in rememberence of this wonderful lady who I knew as my Mom.

"Have You Seen God's Love?"

Mom, have you seen God's love today?
I was hoping to find it because it's especially hard today
It was here just a while ago

Mom, where has God's love gone?
I looked at the Kingdom Hall but they said I could not ask
I looked at Grandma's house where I was sure to find it
She said I could find it at the Kingdom Hall

I heard them tell of their own love
But, it's God's love I am looking for
I will know it when I see it

God's love is kind, never rude
God's love takes no offense and is not resentful
God's love does not remember our wrongs but is always ready to excuse

There is no end to it's trust and hope
God's love endures whatever comes
It never fails

Oh! - here it is!
I knew I would find it with you
You had it all the time

It was you who showed me God's love
You were kind and generous, never rude
You overlooked our errors and always excused us
Full of trust and hope, you never failed

Thank you for helping me find God's love
I knew you had it all the time.

I love you Mom
I will see you again when I get to where you have gone
God bless you
God bless us all.


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