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Maxfield Photos

These are the parents of Herbert, Cyrus, Jesse, and Charles

My Great great grandfather

My Great great grandmother

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Cyrus Estes Maxfield, 34 (my great grandfather)
Charles Arthur Maxfield, 31

August 10, 1889
Minneapolis, MN

Cyrus Estes Maxfield, 34
Herbert Norton Maxfield, 29

(same day)
both photos were tintypes


My grandparents, Herbert Maxfield, Mattie (Akers), my aunt Lanette, and my father, Cyrus, 1918

Grandpa's sister, May Ann Maxfield
13 years old, 1903

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Jesse and Abigail Maxfield Family
Back: Casper (1879-1936), Harry (1877-1955), Lillian (1869-1922),
Cleeve (1875-1922), Raphael (1873-1938)
Front: James (1887-1914), Jesse 1846-1914), Sarah (1885-1933),
Abigail (1845-1926), Anna Experience Maxfield(1881-1940)

Jesse and his wife, Abigail Pullen, homesteaded on the Quillayute Prairie, in Washington State in September 1876.  The were Quakers who had migrated from Maine to California, in 1872, then to Oregon, and later they went to the Quillayute.  Jesse was an engineer and he came to the Quillayute doing surveying for the government.  At that time, he staked out 160 acres and returned to Oregon to get his family.  The family went to Neah Bay by sailing vessel and from there to the Quillayute River by Indian canoe, and up that river, and the Sol Duc River by canoe, to Quillayute Prairie, where the Pullen family had preceded them. He built a large house at the exact joining of the four squares of 40 acres, so the land would not be able to be sectioned off at a later date.  Jesse and Abigail had eight children, and their son, Harry, was the first white child born on the Quillayute prairie.  Four of their children never married. Quillayute became quite a large farming settlement, rivaling Forks Prairie.  Both were natural prairies in the deep woods.  Before roads and trails were built, travel to the settlements was only possible by canoe.  Jesse Maxfield’s Homestead, is still owned by his descendants, and is on Maxfield Homestead Road in Forks Washington.  The original house no longer exists.

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May 1999
Sharon Kennedy and Marilyn (Maxfield) King at entrance to Jesse Maxfield's
homestead and the homestead land, on the Quillayute Prairie, still owned by Maxfields

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