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(author unknown)

We’re from the same shoot
The same family tree.
Into this world we sprouted,
Call it destiny!
It’s cousin to cousin, a real special thing,
A closeness to which we’re tied.
And you’ve been there to laugh with me,
Or even when I’ve cried.
Anyway, I think it’s fantastic
That you were meant to be
A part of my life, my cousin!
You’ll always be special to me!

Some of my cousins, from assorted family links.

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Marilyn (Maxfield) King and
Sharon (McDaniel) Kennedy
Winter 1998

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Maxfield Cousins
Sharon Kennedy, Max Maxfield, and me 1998

Akers Cousins, October 1999
Jack Akers, Earl and Kathy (Akers) Davis
Jack is Kathy's uncle

Maxfield Cousins August 31, 2006
Doreen (Tuttle) Hunt, Marla (Maxfield) Johnson, Sharon (Tuttle) Horan, Donna (Maxfield) Hansen, Marilyn (Maxfield) King

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