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The Akers Family

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Mattie Augusta Akers 1885-1974
My grandmother, age 16

William Akers and Augusta Smith were married in Mayville, Chautauqua County, New York in 1881, when Augusta was just 16 years old. They had five children, including my grandmother, Mattie, who was the middle-born child.

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William John Akers 1862-1906
My great grandfather

Augusta Eunice (Smith) Akers 1865-1915
My great grandmother

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Harriet Caroline 1883-1958
My great aunt Hattie

Edgar William
My great uncle

John Foster
My great uncle

John Francis
My great uncle

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Akers Family c. 1895
John Akers, Gertie Skinner, Foster Akers, Mattie Akers, Francis Akers (in front of Harriet (Foster) Smith), Harriet Akers, Edgar Akers, Jennie (Smith) Skinner, Augusta (Smith) Akers

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Photo taken in Seattle Washington, c. 1896
Back:  Augusta (Smith) Akers, William Akers
Front: Mattie Augusta 11 (my grandma), Harriet Caroline 14

Akers Genealogy Report

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