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Workshops 2014

All workshops are held at Hi-On-A-Hill
Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

May 10 – Fresh, Flavorful and Contained!
Ruth will discuss plant requirements for growing strong and healthy plants in the confines of a container and demonstrate how to successfully combine plants in a small space. Create a theme for your container garden by choosing a combination of plants (3) that will provide the “flavor” you are looking for. A great decorative or gift for spring!

June 21 – Tussie Mussies & Tea!
Walk with Ruth through the herb gardens as she talks about the history of tussie–mussies and collects fresh herbs to be used in the creation of these historical herbal arrangements. Following a demonstration and discussion about tussie–mussies, participants will each create their own tussie–mussie.

July 19 – A Mad Hatters Tea and Teapot Arrangement!
Wear your most outrageous mad hatter hat
to this workshop and receive a discount! Participants will choose an old teapot to make an arrangement in – or bring an old teapot from home. Ruth will discuss, demonstrate and assist each participant on how to use fresh garden flowers and herbs to create a delightful arrangement. Tea party – bring a cup & saucer.

August 16 – Fresh Herbal Wreath!
An herbal wreath hung near the entrance of a house is often considered a sign of welcome, wealth and good luck. Following a guided garden walk, Ruth will demonstrate and assist participants to create a personal scented memory of an herb garden.

September 20 – Fresh Flowers & Pitcher Perfect! !
Old pitchers are the focal point as participants work with late summer fresh flowers and herbs to create an arrangement reflective of the season. Bring your own pitcher (medium size) or select one available at the farm.

October 18 – Festive Fall Dried Arrangement!
Tiny pumpkins will be used as the base for creating a festive dried arrangement not only for Halloween, but to celebrate the harvest as well. Working with dried flowers and herbs participants will create a scented reminder of gardens past.

November 22 – Eucalyptus Tree!
This unique dried arrangement is an attractive centerpiece for the holiday season or as a year–round decorative. Participants will create a special tree reflecting their choice of color and decorations.

December 13 – Holiday Sleigh Centerpiece !
A delightfully festive centerpiece for the holidays! Create your own sleigh centerpiece filled with a variety of seasonal greens, fresh flowers, red berries, bright packages and topped off with a cheery snowman! Join others for this festive workshop held in a rustic and cozy atmosphere.


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