Seniors on the Internet 
By Kathy Johnson

Seniors, now living in the Information Age, have had to finally face the fact that the Internet is here to stay.  And, if you are a senior, there's something you should know:  It's Your Internet Too!

A recent report by Forrester Research found 65% of North Americans 50 and older are using the Net.  The number one activity of seniors on the Internet is staying in touch, but close behind is the search for news and events, according to a recent SeniorNet report.

An in depth report on CBC News Online by Jennifer Chen, concerning Cyber seniors online reveals that as the fastest growing group of internet users, seniors have become red-hot targets for marketing and advertising groups.  In recent years, web sites and organizations such as Cyberseniors, Online Seniors, Savvy-Seniors, and IndyCyberSeniors have sprung up to cater to the computer training and resource needs of the over-55 demographic.

Older internet users go online primarily to send e-mail and digital photos, news and finance-related research and shopping, Charles Schwab & Co found in a recent study for SeniorNet.Greenfield Online’s “Surfing Seniors” study reports that 92 percent of web users over the age of 55 use the internet to “window shop”.  Seventy-eight percent have actually made a purchase online. The online shopping numbers for seniors are higher than the general internet populations. On average, senior computer users reported spending approximately five hours per week online.

Are you ready to join the online world? Good for you! The internet is a wonderful creation, opening door all over the world. Yet all that information is useless unless you know how to access it.  Learn about the World Wide Web, Email, Chat, newsgroups, and more. The friendly instructors at the St. Clair House, 652 E. St. Clair, Indianapolis, will guide you step-by-step and help you enter into a whole new world via your computer. 

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