Racism at CBSTelevision, Sony Entertainment and Bell
Dramatic for 37 Years

By Brandon Brooks and Sam Richard, Los Angeles Sentinel

victoria rowellActress Victoria Rowell and other Black industry insiders are denied equal opportunity to some of America's most popular daytime dramas.

Pioneering actress Victoria Rowell is not new to the acting world and she certainly is not new to the millions of fans of the day-time drama "The Young and The Restless". The veteran acress was part of the cast as "Drucilla Winters for more than17 years.  However, the millions of  fans and corporate sponsors of the longtime No. 1 daytime drama may be surprised to discover than in her 17 years and even worse, in the 37 year history  they have never had  a single African American writer, director or producer despite the fact that African American viewership for "The Young and The Restless" is estimated well over 35 percent and some have estimated 45 percent which is causing many in the civil rights community to call for boycotts and demonstrations of the show and its advertisers.

Rowell told the Los Angeles Sentinel in an exclusive interview for all NNPA newspapers across the country that she has attended several meetings in an effort to help diversify daytime soap operas behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Rowell believes thaat several examples of discrimination exist the most egregious being the lack of Black writers, directors or producers, for over 37 years.

The Sentinel contacted Jim Kennedy, executive vcie president for Global Communications at Sony Pictures Entertainment, which co-owns "The Young and The Restless", along with The Bell Family regarding the lack of African American participation behind the camera who stated, "With regard to "The Young and The Restless", we are proud of the fact that five African American actors play important roles on the program, and we are especially grateful for the diverse audience it has every day."

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