Doing Business On The Internet
 By Kathy Johnson

        Depending on what article youíve read lately, there are two different versions about selling on the Internet. The first group believes the Internet is the greatest place to sell anything from hot sauce to hot pictures of some girl named Danni. They point out how potential buyers can easily make purchases from their home and office or how the Internet gives the potential buyer product information through a combination of text,  photos, sound and  video.
      The other group believes the Internet is not so great a place to sell products or services. They argue that only 22 percent of all companies on the Internet have made a profit or broken even. They also point out that your credit card number could get ripped off over the Internet. The real truth is that both groups are right. Some businesses are going to be very successful on the Internet, while other will fail miserably. The difference between success and failure will depend on how companies plan their marketing strategies on the Internet.
      Establishing a strong Internet presence does not necessesarily mean investing several thousand dollars on a Website. It means using the tools of the Internet to save your company hard dollars.Using a Web page to advertise your product or services can save your company hard dollars in your Yellow Pages advertising for example, which charges by the size of the ad placed. By placing a smaller ad which displays your web page address, it allows a customer to both locate your company and refers them to a place the potential buyer can go for full details about your business.
     Using E-mail and electronic libraries is another example of how a company may save hard dollars using the Internet. Electronic libraries can hold paperwork, brochures or forms. Forms and paperwork can be down-loaded to your potential clients, sales people in the field, or satellite offices instead of such requests being retrieved, copies made, and then faxed or mailed back to the end user. Electronic libraries save your company hard dollars on postage.
      Companies that conquer the Internet today, will be in a stronger position to capture the consumer market tomorrow. But the question still remains. Can a small business really market products and services through the Internet?
      Yes, but companies must be willing to learn the tools and develop strategies, which will decrease overhead expenses. Sales from the Internet initially may be small, but real commerce is occuring with some companies, especially as the Internet begins to emerge into the television marketplace. It only takes a few seconds of TV air time to promote a web address, and when customers can find your business and learn more about you, they are more likely to do business with your company.
      Still, some people wonder if doing business on the Internet is safe? The potential for theft on the Internet by credit card fraud is a valid concern, than can be circumvented by using a secure server or by using other marketing strategies which donít require a customer to devulge their credit card numbers. 
     Anyone can become part of the 22 percent of the success stories which makes a profit on the Internet, if they are willing to learn the successful strategies that other companies have tried and tested.Before investing thousands of dollars on a website, do some research and consult with a professional about your needs. Find out if getting on the Internet is a smart move for you. 

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