Congress And Capitol Hill
No Kennedys In Office For The First Time In 64 Years

By Herald Staff Writer

Ted KennedyPhoto: Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy

Voters mistrust of the political process will only get worst it seems in 2011 as Congress and Capitol Hill seem to be a very scary place for all Americans.

What is happening to America. What about Americans. Are we no longer included in the shaping of our own Country?  Or have  we all been too quiet and allowed the wrong people to make important decisions, that change our lives, and now way out of control.

More Taxes, Hi Gas prices and not enough high paying Jobs to justify runaway prices at every turn, is no way to run a government. Build this, build that, crazy highway contracts, all the while people are losing their jobs and homes by the thousands.

The shameful fleecing of America is a cruel reality, that has put our great Country in the wrong hands.

Without meaningful job wages, we all lose, when will these officials get it. Will you destroy your own Country for a few lobby dollars, that won't matter when their is no place to spend your crooked buck. When you take homes, close neighborhood schools and businessess by the thousands, you are turning this country into a very dangerous place.

What does a new building here or their matter, if their is no money to shop there? No buying power, means just that. You can't raise everything and take away  wages, and expect business to stay vibrant?

Who are these people getting into iffices here and there?  Making laws to level their own people! Its time for Americans to wake up and find out!!!!!!

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