MALE Hamon (or Hamelin) de Château-du-Loir

Lord of Château-du-Loir, before 1013-(probably) 1028×1036.

Hamon appears in two charters of Hughes III, count of Maine, one in about 1013 ["S. Haimonis de super Litus" Cart. Château-du-Loir, 2 (#3)] and another in 1014 ["Signum Hameli de Leido Castello" Cart. S.-Victeur, 6 (#4); Cart. Château-du-Loir, 2 (#4)]. He was apparently the Haimo miles who signed an agreement between bishop Avesgaud of Le Mans (his brother-in-law) and the monks of the abbey of La Couture on 19 June 1028 ["Signum Haimonis, militis" Cart. Château-du-Loir, 2 (#5)]. He was succeeded by his son Gervaise I in 1031.

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 15 January 1031.
["1031. Obiit Haimo pater Gervasii archiepiscopi." Annales Remenses et Colonienses, MGH SS 16: 731; "nec pretermittatur ille patris mei Haimonis XVIII kalendas februarii accidens" Act. Pont. Cenom., c. 31, 371; 15 Jan: "Ipso die, Haimo obiit de Castro Lit." Nec. Mans, 10]
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: NN, son of Rorans.
[Cart. Château-du-Loir, 8-9 (#22)]

Mother: Unknown.

Spouse: m. 1006 or earlier, Hildeburge de Bellême, d. 27 October 1024, daughter of Yves de Bellême.
The testament of Gervaise, archbishop of Reims, dated before 1047, named, among others, his father Haimon, mother Hyldeburge, and his mother's brother, bishop Avesgaud of Le Mans ["Ego Gervasius, sancte Cenomannensis ecclesie, ... Annualis avunculi mei domini Avesgaudi, episcopi, ... sororis ejus, matris quippe mee Hyldeburge: nec pretermittatur ille patris mei Haimonis" Act. Pont. Cenom., c. 31, 367-72].

The foundation charter of the priory of Saint-Jean-de-la-Motte between 1031 and 1036 mentions bishop Avesgaud, the dominus Gervaise and his brothers Avesgaud, Guillaume, and Robert ["... necnon domino meo assistente Gervasio, fratribusque ipsius: Avisgaudo, Guillelmo, Roberto, ..." Act. Pont. Cenom. c. 30, 362; the charter evidently dates after the death of Hamon in 1031, but before the death of bishop Avesgaud in 1036], and Guillaume and Robert are mentioned as brothers of Gervaise on other occasions.

MALE Gervaise I, b. Chateau-du-Loir, 2 Feb. 1007, d. Reims, 4 July 1067, lord of Château-du-Loir, 1031-1067, bishop of Le Mans, 1036-1055, archbishop of Reims, 1055-1067.
[Birth: "MVII. Natus fuit Gervasius IV Nonas Februarias apud Castrum Lidi." Ex chronico Remensi, RHF 10: 271; "1007. Hoc anno natus fuit Gervasius archiepiscopus futurs Remorum." Annales Remenses et Colonienses, MGH SS 16: 731] The foundation charter for the priory of Saint-Jean-de-la-Motte indicates that Gervaise succeeded his father at some time before he became bishop of Le Mans. He succeeded his uncle Avesgaud as bishop of Le Mans in 1036, and was promoted to archbishop of Reims on 15 October 1055 ["1055. Hic primus est annus Gervasii archiepiscopi." Annales Remenses et Colonienses, MGH SS 16: 731; see below for 15 October]. [Death: "1066. Decessit Gervasius." Annales Remenses et Colonienses, MGH SS 16: 731; 4 July [1067]: "obiit Cenomannensium ecclesie antistes Gervasius, necnon eciam Remensium ecclesie post archiepiscopus." Nec. Mans, 151; "... Anno episcopatus domini Gervasii duodecimo nondum finito, sed in ipsius idibus octobris si viveret finiendo, III calendas julii, festivitate SS. Petri et Pauli, ad vesperam, aggravatus infirmitate qua post VI die mortuus est, prædictus domnus Gervasius archiepiscopus, ..." Cart. Château-du-Loir, 13 (#26), from the obituary of Reims; the fact that Gervaise was in his twelfth year as archbishop shows that 1067 is correct]

MALE Avesgaud, fl. 1031×1036.
Avesgaud is known only from the foundation charter of Saint-Jean-de-la-Motte [see above].

MALE Guillaume, fl. 1031×1036, living 31 May 1040.
He was present at the foundation of Trinité de Vendôme on 31 May 1040, and witnessed several charters on that date ["S. Guillelmi fratris Gervasii episcopi" Cart. Trinité de Vendôme, 60 (#35), 69 (#36), 84 (#38), 93 (#40); Cart. Château-du-Loir 5-6 (#13, #15)].

MALE Robert, fl. 1031×1036-1065, prob. d. bef. 1067;

FEMALE Rotrude,
m. (1) NN;
m. (2) Guy I de Laval.
A charter of about 1100, reviewing earlier transactions, states that Hamelin/Hamon gave up the church of Busse (Comburniacus) to Guy de Laval, as a marriage portion with his daughter, and to Gaudin the Old of Malincorne [the church] of Arthezé (Artisiacus) ["Hamelinus autem redonavit ecclesiam de Comburniaco Widdoni de Valle, cum filia sua in maritagio, et Waldino Vetulo de Malicornant illam de Artisiaco." Cart. S.-Aubin, 1: 373 (#327); Cart. Château-du-Loir 6 (#16)]. A charter of about 1050 has as witnesses, Rotrudis, wife of Wido de Valle (i.e., Guy de Laval) and her son Gualterius, filius Rotrudis. Since this Gualter/Walter is called a son of Rotrude rather than Gui, he was evidently the son of an earlier marriage [Cart. Château-du-Loir 7 (#18)].


Supposed daughter (uncertain):
FEMALE Hildeburge, m. Gaudin I de Malincorne.
Hildeburge is given as a daughter of Hamon by Europäische Stammtafeln, the primary documentation being uncertain [ES 13: 68]. It is possible that this claim is a result of jumping to conclusions about the statement that Hamon gave the church of Arthezé to Gaudin [see under Rotrude above].

Falsely attributed spouse: Godehilde de Bellême.
White erroneously makes Hildeburge's sister Godehilde the wife of Hamon [White (1940): 75-6, 98]. See the pages of Yves de Bellême and Hildeburge for more details.

Supposed father (probably falsely attributed): Hamon, lord of Creuilly and Thorigny.
[e.g., RFC2, 247-8, from which the claim has been widely spread on the internet] I have not seen the claim given in a credible source.

Falsely attributed father: Adam de Château-du-Loir.
A charter of 1080×1094, which mentions Adam de Château-du-Loir and his son Hamelin, had been formerly misdated to ca. 1030, with the result that the Adam of the charter was misidentified as the father of the present Hamelin/Hamon [Cart. Château-du-Loir, 26-7 (#51)]. In fact, this Adam de Château-du-Loir was the present Hamon's grandson, son of his son Robert.


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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin

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