MALE Geoffrey V "le Bel" or "Plantagenet"

Count of Anjou, Touraine, and Maine, 1129-1151.
Duke of Normandy, 1144-1151.

When Fulk V set off for Jerusalem in 1129, he left his counties of Anjou, Touraine, and Maine to his son Geoffrey V [Chr. S. Serg. Andegav., s.a. 1129]. After the death of his father-in-law Henry I, Geoffrey began the conquest of Normandy by right of his wife Matilda, completed in 1144 when he took Rouen [Chr. S. Serg. Andegav., s.a. 1144]. The nickname "Plantagenet" sometimes used for Geoffrey only became a name for the entire dynasty in later years, and was not used by his immediate descendants, the first appearance of "Plantagenet" as a surname being in the fifteenth century. [See DNB 15, 1184-5 for a discussion of this.] Geoffrey was succeeded by his son Henry, who became king of England as Henry II in 1154.

Date of Birth: 24 August 1113 [Chr. S. Albini Andegav.]
Place of Birth: ?

Date of Death: 7 September 1151 [Chr. S. Albini Andegav., s.a. 1151; Chr. Rob. Tor., s.a. 1150; R. Dic., i, 293, s.a. 1150 (year only); The chronology of both of the chronicles of Robert de Torigni and Ralph de Diceto are a year off at this point.]
Place of Death: Château-du-Loir, buried at Le Mans [Chr. Rob. Tor., s.a. 1150 [1151]; R. Dic. i, 293]

Father: Foulques (Fulk) V, d. 1143, count of Anjou, king of Jerusalem.
[GND (Rob. Tor.) viii, 34 (v. 2, pp. 260-1); OV xi, 16, 29 (vol. 6, pp. 76-8, 310-1)]

Mother: Eremburge de la Fleche, d. 1126, heiress of Maine.
[GND (Rob. Tor.) viii, 34 (v. 2, pp. 260-1); OV xi, 16, 29 (vol. 6, pp. 76-8, 310-1)]

Spouse: m. Winchester [Chr. Rob. Tor.], about Pentecost 1127 [Chr. Rob. Tor. (about Pentecost); Rog. Hov. i, 219, s.a. 1128 (about Pentecost); R. Dic. i, 245 (year only)] Matilda, daughter of Henry I, king of England, and widow of Emperor Heinrich (Henry) V.

[GND (Rob. Tor.) viii, 25 (v. 2, pp. 240-1); Chr. S. Albini Andegav. gives exact dates for each of the births of the three sons, while Chr. Rob. Tor. gives place, month and year (with minor discrepancies for Geoffrey and William as noted).]

MALE Henry II, b. Le Mans, 5 March 1133, d. 11 June 1183, king of England, 1154-1183.

MALE Geoffroy, b. Rouen, 1 June 1134 [Chr. S. Albini Andegav.: "kalendis iunii" (but one MS gives March instead); Chr. Rob. Tor.: "mense Maio in pentacosten Rothomagi"], d. July 1158 [Chr. Rob. Tor.; R. Dic. i, 302 (year only)], count of Nantes.

MALE Guillaume (William), b. Argentan, 22 July 1136 [Chr. S. Albini Andegav.: "xiº kal. augustii" (the 21 July of DNB 13, 55 may be a miscalculation from this date); Chr. Rob. Tor.: "mense Augusto apud Argentomagnum"], d. Rouen, 30 January 1164 [Chr. Rob. Tor.; Rog. Hov. i, 262 (year only)].

Illegitimate children:

MALE Hamelin, d. 7 May 1202 [EYC 8, 19], viscount of Touraine, earl of Warenne (Surrey) jure uxoris, m. 1164 [Chr. Rob. Tor.] Isabel de Warenne, heiress of Warenne.
[Chr. Rob. Tor., s.a. 1164; See also CP (sub Surrey); EYC 8, 18-19; DNB 20, 819-21]

FEMALE Emma, m. 1174 Dafydd ap Owain Gwynedd, prince of North Wales.
[R. Dic. i, 397-8; ByS, ByT (both s.a. 1175)]
Emma is also sometimes said to have been previously married to Guy V, sire of Laval, but Guy's wife was a different Emma, illegitimate daughter of Reginald, earl of Cornwall, illegitimate son of Henry I [See Angot (1942), 292-4].

FEMALE Mary, abbess of Shaftesbury.
Fox (1910) suggested that she was the same person as the medieval poet Marie de France. Abbess Mary was referred to in charters as a sister by king Henry II and an aunt ("amita") by king John. See Fox (1911) for quotes from the relevant portions of these charters, and Bullock-Davies (1965) for a discussion of Mary's possible maternal relations.


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