FEMALE Ermengarde d'Anjou

Wife of Geoffroy, count of Gâtinais, and of Robert I, duke of Burgundy.

Married to count Geoffroy of Gâtinais, she was a widow by late 1045 or early 1046 when her mother Hildegarde departed for the Holy Land [Halphen (1906), 293 (act #169); Guillot (1972), 1: 102, n. 453; 2: 159 (act C 242)]. She then became the second wife of duke Robert I of Burgundy, probably not long afterward (since her daughter by that marriage was married in 1067), and died on the same day as her husband, 18 March 1076. As heiress of her brother Geoffroy II Martel, count of Anjou, Ermengarde carried the Angevin possessions to her sons Geoffroy III "le Barbu" and Foulques IV "le Rechin". For "Blanche" as a possible surname (cognomen) of Ermengarde, see the page of Foulques III "Nerra".

Date of Birth: Unknown.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 18 March 1076.
The obituary of Molème gives 18 March (XV kal. Apr.) as the death date of both Robert and his wife Ermengarde ["XV kal. aprilis, obiit Robertus, dux Burgundie, et Ermentrudis, uxor ejus." Obituaire de Molème, in Petit (1894), 386].
Place of Death: Unknown.

Father: Foulques III "Nerra", d. 1040, count of Anjou.
See, e.g., Poupardin (1900), 206-8, and the Chronicle of Foulque le Réchin [see Halphen (1906), 11; Watson (1897), 2], which state that Ermengarde was a daughter of Foulque III "Nerra", sister of Geoffroy II "Martel", wife of count Geoffroy of Château-Landon, and mother of Geoffroy III and Foulques IV. The several twelfth century sources which erroneously make count Aubri the father of Geoffroy III and Foulques IV either do not provide a name for the wife (all but one) or call her Adela, apparently confusing her with her half-sister [see Watson (1897), 1-2, giving quotes from these sources], but still agree that she was a daughter of Foulques III.

Mother: Hildegarde de Lorraine, d. 1 April 1046.
[Halphen (1906), 293 (act #169); Guillot (1972), 1: 102, n. 453; 2: 159 (act C 242)]


(1) Geoffroy (III), d. 1042×1045, count of Gâtinais.
Her husband was not count Aubri, nor was he a double-named Aubri-Geoffroy. See the page for count
Geoffroy of Gâtinais for details.

(2) Robert I, d. 18 March 1076 [the same day as his wife, see above], duke of Burgundy, son of Robert II, king of France.
The Saint-Aubin genealogies show that Ermengarde's daughter Hildegarde was "de altero patre" and "filia Roberti ducis fratris Henrici regis" [Poupardin (1900), 206], and chart the consanguinity between Ermengarde and Robert's brother king Henri (I) of France. Having been married earlier to Hélie de Semur, whom he set aside, duke R[obert] of the Burgundians was mentioned (along with a count Thibaut) in a letter from abbot Jean I of Fécamp to pope Leo IX as having entered into a consanguineous marriage, and this is presumably a reference to his marriage with Ermengarde ["... Fabula autem haec subsannationis veritur de Tedbaldo comite et Burgundiorum infrunito duce R., qui, transgressores pontificaium decretorum, fas nefasque confundunt, qui abdicatis legitimi thori connubiis, volutantur in inhonestis et consanguinitate foedatis thalamis. ..." PL 143: 797-800].


(by Geoffroy, count of Gâtinais)
See above and on the page for count Geoffroy of Gâtinais..

MALE Geoffrey III "le Barbu", d. aft. 1096, count of Anjou, 1060-1068.

MALE Foulques IV "Réchin", d. 1109, count of Anjou, 1068-1109.

(by Robert, duke of Burgundy)

MALE Hildegarde/Audearde, living 9 June × 9 September 1080 [Act C 321(c), Guillot (1972), 2: 202-3], m. ca. 1067, Guy-Geoffroy, d. 24 September 1086 [Chronicon Sancti Maxentii Pictavensis, Marchegay & Mabille (1869), 408; Annales de Saint-Florent, Halphen (1903), 119], count of Poitou and duke of Aquitaine.
Hildegarde appears with the variant name Audearde (Aldeardis) as a daughter of Robert of Burgundy in a record of her marriage to count Guy-Geoffroy of Poitou ["Per haec tempora duxit uxorem Guido comes Aldeardim, filiam Roberti ducis Burgundiae et neptam Ainrici regis Francorum, relicta Matode supradicta", Chronicon Sancti Maxentii Pictavensis, s.a. 1067, Marchegay & Mabille (1869), 404 (Mateode was Gui-Geoffroy's first wife, ibid., 400)]
. This is confirmed by a charter of 9 June × 9 September 1080, which mentions countess Hildegarde of Poitou, sister of count Foulques [Act C 321(c), Guillot (1972), 2: 202-3].


Possible additional child by Geoffroy:

FEMALE Hildegarde, m. Joscelin de Courtenay, d. ca. 1065.
See the page on count Geoffroy of Gâtinais.

Falsely attributed husband:

Aubri, living 1028, count of Gâtinais.
See the page on count Geoffroy of Gâtinais.


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