MALE Baldwin (Baudouin) V de Lille (Balduinus Insulanus, Balduinus Pius)

Marquis of Flanders, 1035-1067.

During the reign of Baldwin IV, Baldwin rebelled against his father, temporarily driving him out of Flanders, but they were later reconciled through the influence of duke Robert of Normandy, and peace was made at Audenarde in 1030 [GND vi, 6 (vol. 2, pp. 52-5); Interpolation to the chronicle of Sigebert of Gembloux, s.a. 1030, Sigeb. auctarium Affligemense, MGH SS 6: 399]. Baldwin V succeeded his father Baldwin IV in 1035, and he was succeeded by his son Baldwin VI in 1067. His other son, Robert the Frisian, also became count of Flanders, after defeating and killing his nephew Arnulf III in battle in 1071.

Date of Birth: Probably ca. 1012 or before.
Since Baldwin's rebellion against his father appears to have occurred shortly before 1030, a birthdate after ca. 1012 is unlikely.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Date of Death: 1 September 1067.
Place of Death: (Buried at Lille)
["Obiit Baldwinus potentissimus marchisus." Ann. Bland., s.a. 1067, Grierson (1937), 28 (same entry erroneously under 1069, Ann. Formos., ibid., 127); "Obiit Baldwinus potentissimus marchisus, qui Insule sepultus est." Ann. Elmarenses, s.a. 1067, 93; "Obiit Balduinus comes kal. Septembris; Insulae sepelitur." (the last two words in a different hand of the twelfth century), Ann. Elnonenses, s.a. 1067, Grierson (1937), 158]. Grierson cites the obituary of Saint-Pierre de Lille as confirming the date of 1 September [Grierson (1937), 158, n. 5].

Father: Baldwin IV, d. 29 or 30 May 1035, marquis of Flanders, 987×8-1035.

Mother: Otgiva of Luxemburg, d. 21 February 1030.
["Balduinus Barbatus duxit filiam Gisleberti comitis Odgivam, ex qua suscepit Balduinum Insulanum, ..." Genealogia comitum Flandriae Bertiniana, MGH SS 9: 306] See the page of Baldwin IV for further details.

Spouse: m. 1028, Adèle, d. 1079, daughter of Robert II, king of France.
["Cuius filius prefatus Robertus, sciens Balduinum Barbatum Flandrensium comitem tunc temporis magne esse potentie, filiam Adelam adhuc puellulam filio eius adolescentulo Balduino Insulano desponsavit patrique eius nutriendam tradidit." Historiae Tornacensis, ii, 9, MGH SS 14: 336; "... ex qua suscepit Balduinum Insulanum, qui duxit filiam Rodberti regis Francorum Adelam." Genealogia comitum Flandriae Bertiniana, MGH SS 9: 306; "Tempore sub eodem Balduinus, satrapa Flandrensis, sobolem suam cupiens innormare prosapia regali, Robertum, Francorum regem, expetiit filiam eius poscens filio suo Balduino dari. Quam adeptam a palatinis ferens tricliniis ad domum propriam in cunis asportauit, annos usque ad nubiles eam nutriens cura diligenti." GND vi, 6 (vol. 2, pp. 52-3)]. There does not seem to be any good reason to identify her with Adèle, wife of Richard III of Normandy, as has often been done.

Three well known children of Baldwin V are documented by numerous sources ["Balduinus Insulanus genuit Balduinum Hasnoniensum, et Rodbertum cognomento Iherosolimitanum, et Matildem uxorem Guillelmi regis Anglorum." Genealogia comitum Flandriae Bertiniana, MGH SS 9: 306 (Here, Robert the Frisian is erroneously given the nickname of his son Robert II); "Balduinus Pius comes Flandrie duxit Adelam, filiam Roberti regis Francie, ex qua suscepit Balduinum Montensum et Robertum Frisonem et Mantildam filiam, que nupsit Wilhelmo comiti Normannie, qui Angliam acquisivit;" De genere comitum Flandrensium notae Parisienses, MGH SS 13: 257].

MALE Baldwin VI, d. 17 July 1070 ["Obiit Baldwinus marchisus, qui Hasnonii sepultus est." Ann. Bland., s.a. 1070, 28; "Obiit Balduinus comes iunior XVI kal. Augusti; Hasnonie defertur tumulandus." Ann. Elnonenses, s.a. 1070, 159], count/marquis of Flanders, 1067-1070; count of Hainaut; m. Richilde, countess of Hainaut, widow of Hermann, count of Hainaut ["Balduinus ex Richelde vidua Herimanni comitis Montensis duos suscepit filios, Arnulfum et Balduinum." Genealogia comitum Flandriae Bertiniana, MGH SS 9: 306].

FEMALE Matilda, d. 2 November 1083, m. William I "the Conqueror", d. 9 September 1087, duke of Normandy, 1035-1087; king of England, 1066-1087.

MALE Robert "the Frisian", d. 12 or 13 October 1093 ["Eodemque anno III id. Octobris obiit Rodbertus, primus huius nominis Flandriæ marchysus." Ann. Bland., s.a. 1093, 31; "Et Rotbertus comes Casletensis moritur IV id. Octobris." Ann. Formos., s.a. 1093; see Grierson (1937), 31, n. 2], count/marquis of Flanders, 1071-1093, m. Gertrude, widow of Floris I, count of Holland, and daughter of Bernhard II, duke of Saxony ["Horum patruus Robertus duxit filiam Bernardi Saxonum comitis Gertrudem, viduam Florentii comitis Fresonum, et cum ea eius tenuit regnum." Genealogia comitum Flandriae Bertiniana, MGH SS 9: 306].

See the Commentary section for supposed additional children.


In addition to the three well documented children of Baldwin V, there are several other supposed children attributed to him by Orderic Vitalis and Aubri de Trois Fontaines (also by the Foigny genealogy, a source closely related to Aubri) [ "Balduinus enim gener Rodberti regis Francorum fortissimus Flandrensium satrapa fuit, et ex Hadala coniuge sua filios ac filias plures multimoda indole pollentes habuit. Rodbertus Fresio, Arnulfus, Balduinus, Udo Treuerum archiepiscopus et Henricus Clericus, et Mathilda regina, atque Iudith uxor Tostici comitis soboles Balduini et Hadalæ sunt." OV Book 4, c. 14 (2: 280-1), and similarly in Book 7, chapter 2; "Soror autem eiusdem regis Henrici Adela predicto Balduino Insulano peperit Balduinum huius nominis sextum, Robertum cognomento Fresonum, Philippum patrem Guilelmi de Ypra et filias duas, Iudith, quam duxit Tostinus comes Nortdanimbrorum in Anglia, et Mathildem predictam Normannorum ducissam." Aubri de Trois Fontaines, Chronica, MGH SS 23, 792; "Supradicta Ala comitissa Flandrensis, soror Henrici regis, peperit Balduinum comitem Flandrie et Philippum, patrem Guilelmi de Ipra, et filias." Genealogiae Fusniacenses, c. 4, MGH SS 13: 252]. Of these, the only one who cannot be directly ruled out is Henry "the clerk", who, if he existed at all, is otherwise unknown. Modern authorities have usually avoided the mistake of including these individuals among the children of Baldwin V.

Supposed child (existence uncertain):

MALE Henry "the clerk" [Orderic]
Listed by Orderic Vitalis among the sons of Baldwin V, he is otherwise unknown. Vanderkindere [1: 299] dismisses Henry with the remark that the name is unknown in the family of Baldwin, but this overlooks the fact that Baldwin's wife had a brother named Henry, making this a plauble name for a child of Baldwin V. However, the other mistakes made by Orderic on the children of Baldwin V make it difficult to accept this son in the absence of further testimony.

Falsely attributed children:

FEMALE Judith, d. 1094, m. (1) Tostig, earl of Northumbria; m. (2) Welf, duke of Bavaria. [Orderic, Aubri]
In fact a half-sister of Baldwin V, and daughter of Baldwin IV by a later marriage, but incorrectly called a daughter of Baldwin V by a number of sources. See the page on Judith for a detailed discussion.

MALE Arnulf, "consul" of Flanders. [Orderic]
The fact that Orderic calls him "consul" indicates that this son is an error, and not just another unknown son of Baldwin V. He is undoubtedly an error for youthful count Arnulf III, son of Baldwin VI and grandson of Baldwin V.

MALE Udo, d. 1078 [Annales Necrologici Prumienses, MGH SS 13: 222], archbishop of Treves. [Orderic]
He was in fact a son of count Eberhard and his wife Ida ["Hic [Uoto] ex Alamannorum prosapia oriundus, patre Everhardo comite, matre Ita, ..." Gesta Treverorum, MGH SS 8: 183 (also n. 80, which identifies Eberhard as count of Nellenburg)]. The reason for Orderic's mistake is unclear.

MALE Philippe, father of Guillaume d'Ypres. [Aubri, Genealogiae Fusniacenses]
Philippe was in fact a younger son of Robert the Frisian, and thus grandson of Baldwin V ["119. De Willelmo de Ypre: Willelmus de Lo, ex concubina filius Philippi, fratris Roberti iunioris ..." Simon, Gesta abbatum S. Bertini Sithiensium ii, 119, MGH SS 13: 658; "... Willelmus de Ypra, filius Philippi, fratris R[oberti] comitis ..." Gesta abbatum S. Bertini Sithiensium (continuation), c. 5, MGH SS 13: 665].


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Grierson (1937) = Philip Grierson, ed., Les Annales de Saint-Pierre de Gand et de Saint-Amand (Brussels, 1937). [Annales Blandinenses, Annales Elmarenses, Annales Formoselenses, Annales Elnonenses]

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Compiled by Stewart Baldwin
Originally uploaded 12 October 2006.

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