Cricket PC Board With Basic Stamp II Controller

Cricket Controller Features

7 servos can be controlled controlled by the Stamp II
2 Antenna feelers connectors (right and left)
2 Blinking LED Eyes
2 Light Sensors (right and left)
Blinking red LED heart beat
Infrared transmit and receive capability
Responds to Sony TV Remote Control or universal remote programmed for Sony TV
---- you probably have a remote lying around that will work with Cricket
Speaker with 10 Cricket/insect sound effects (you can also add your own sounds)
4 spare ports for other sensors, servo motors, or external devices
Onboard 5V regulator can supply up to 1.5 amps!
Stamp II download connector, compatible with Parallax download software
Cricket Robot size is 12" X 10", the controller PC board is only 2.5" X 3"