Thank you to all who have sent pictures of your Robots.

Many people have built their own walking robots based on the Cricket concept. If you would like pictures of your walking robot to appear on this page, send me your photos, I'll scan them and return them to you. I would like this page to be for walking robots only. If you have other robots you would like people to see, check out

Mehdi Saeedi
Tehran, Iran

you may contact him at

Mehdi has come up with a unique rack and pinion drive train on this well executed hexapod. He has traded the Stamp II for a dedicated microprocessor with its own LCD display.

Krabbler by Alex and Klaus (Austria)
their web site
Very custom controller and aluminum construction

Erhan Kurubaþ
Iibrahim Yildirim (Turkey)

Uses PIC16F84 instead of Stamp, programmed in assembly

Jan Neuhoff

Full Custom Legs and joints, unique servo arrangement

Todd Holtz

Nice construction, Black chassis with Nicad Battery pack

Jack Midyett and Larry Bracey

Custom leg hinges, Alkaline battery pack, modified control wires

James Smith

Unique Beetle Design, Gel Cell Battery, CNC Milled Parts

Tim Lewis

Pon Tech Basic Controller, Alternate battery pack

Clark Ober