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All of Crickets parts can be purchased from DigiKey and Hobby Shack with the exception of the Lexan, aluminum tubing, and wire bellows. These parts should be available from your local home improvement store. If you are looking for robot kits that are less expensive than Cricket, checkout the Robot Store. Try Parallax Inc., if you need information about the Stamp II controller. Robot Magazine and Robohoo have great indexes of all kinds of robotics sites.


Rockets & Robots Society

All Kinds of Robot Kits and Great Stuff

Parallax Makes the Stamp II Which Powers Cricket - Robotics News, Tutorials, Discussion Forums, Books, and the most comprehensive directory of Robotics Links available. is a great place to find Robotics information on the Internet.

Electronic Supplier for Cricket Parts

Source for Servos and Mechanical Parts


Arrick Robotics Trilobot

Robot Books

SAM - Robot Kit

Clark Ober's Robot Rally Page