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Palmer Cox

Wayne Morgan's address on Brownie dolls : A Vagabond Song
A chapter book about the Palmer Cox Brownies







What are Brownies?

According to Manly P. Hall (The Secret Teachings of all Ages), these diminutive creatures are a type of Earth Elemental; members of an ancient magical race said to go back to the Stone Age. Named Brownies by the Celts, they have been called both wise and mischievous, with qualities of helpfulness and good will. They have appeared in every part of the world under different names and although in gradual retreat from humankind and the polluted lakes and streams of earth, perhaps they are still hidden under mounds of earth or in dark corners of houses and barns.

Who is Palmer Cox?

Over a hundred years ago Palmer Cox, a tall, rugged and warm-hearted man, created characters based on the mythological brownie. He dressed them in costumes of different nationalities and professions and told of their helpful activities in illustration and verse for children's books and magazines. His brownie character was popular for thirty years. It was the first character to be copyrited and licensed to advertise a variety of merchandise including Ivory Soap and the Brownie Camera.

One artists' rendition of the Palmer Cox Brownies


Advertisement for the Brownie Camera, and Ivory Soap



Martha Heller's dolls [The Return of the Brownies]

Dolls of Palmer Cox Brownies commissioned by the Strong Museum of Rochester

c. 1986 by Martha Heller

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