The GMG Home Theater

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The HT Room in detail.

Lookg towards the stage

Screen is a Stewart "Gray Hawk" 16x9 135 inches. The five monitors above it are built in NEC 20in VGA CRTs angled out 20 degrees. Of course they can be turned off or individually blanked as desired. When off, the entire soffit above the stage is dark. Also note the Sharp 10K projector hanging from the ceiling.

Screen Close Up

The five VGA monitors and the projector are all fed by matrix swichers. Any device can be shown on any monitor or in multiples thereof. The master touch screen controls this. Hint: this is what I also do in my day job, design broadcast and transfer facilities. Seen on upper monitors 1, 3, and 5 are what the three PC audio computers do. #1 is running PAS Products "Spectrum Analyzer Pro", #3 is running my own 10 channel surround meter program. #5 is running PAS Products "Surround Meter".

HT Room Rear

Looking towards right rear coner of the room. The equipment room is in view. The three recliners are on a 8 inch riser which sits on a six inch riser level with the computer floor. The pit in front of the stage is on slab. By the way, that's Gus there on the floor. He's the first G in GMG.

Entry Doors

On the right is the double door entry to the HT. the base building is 40x18. The equipment room is 10x10 and the lobby 10x8. The rest is the HT. You can also see the center colum with a PCS controller. There are 7 colums total, five of which have speakers. Rl,Rc,Rr,Sl,Sr The stage has L,C,R, and two subs.