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by James Snyder


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by James Snyder

Welcome to

Snyder's Boathouse



It's always beautiful here at the Lake, and I love to work on my website in such peaceful climes. Whether I'm in my big old easy chair, at my desk looking out over the water, by the pool with my PowerBook operating via AirPort, or out on the balcony just drinkin' in the rays, I'm always enjoying my environment.

And my website! Take a tour and let me know what you think....

 Communications is my profession, but I also enjoy both its history and studying production and engineering techniques.
I am an engineer and production specialist in HDTV, digital television, computers, radio, audio and film.

Resume & Work History:

Curious about the work I've done? You may take a look at my:
Brief resume or my
Complete resume and equipment experience .
or my skill-specific resumes:
HDTV / Digital television
Television Studio and Field Production

I am a member of several professional organizations:

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE),

The Society of Broadcast Engineers, and

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers


…and broadcasting history is one my specialties. Take a look at the index to my broadcast history pages for more on what I've done.

I have written several short histories, one of which is about the three former flagship stations of the Washington Post's broadcasting arm, Post-Newsweek. Formerly WTOP-AM/FM/TV, they are now WTOP-AM, WHUR-FM, and WUSA-TV. The year was 1978, and many interesting things happened at the place the stations made their home, Broadcast House. It was the first integrated radio and television facility built in the world, but so much more!

My research takes me to many of the exciting resources in the National Capital Area. Among them are the National Archives and Records Administration, the Library of Congress, the National Association of Broadcasters, the Broadcast Pioneers' Library of American Broadcasting, the Federal Communications Commission, the National Public Broadcasting Archives, the Public Broadcasting Service, and many other interesting places.

I also research the early records of broadcasting. Many people know about the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), but few know about its predecessors, the Federal Radio Commission, the Department of Commerce Radio Bureau and the Bureau of Navigation, Radio Service of the United States Navy. Take a look at some of my research.




I also do research with various Federal agencies for both historians and businesses. If you are an historian email me with your needs and I will see if I can help you. I only charge for actual costs incurred (photocopying and stuff like that).

If you are a business, email me with your needs. I charge by the hour for serving businesses, plus any actual costs incurred in the research.


I also enjoy movies in my spare time (...I have spare time?!?!?....)
Look here for my reviews of some of the movies I've seen.... If you want my opinion on more recent or other films, email me and I'll let you know!

Would you like to know the radio and TV stations in the Washington area? Click here for AM, FM, TV, HDTV and related links.

I am located in one of the most exciting cities on earth, Washington, DC. Its also unofficially known as the only third world county in the United States. Sure it has problems, but its still a cool place to work and live..

I am a graduate of the American University in Washington, DC, and served as the engineer for AU's radio & TV stations, American Television and WVAU Radio from 1990 to 1998.

I have also attended several other schools:
the George Washington University in Washington, DC;
The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio
Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Virginia

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