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Broadcast Histories by James Snyder

Broadcast station histories:

WGMS-AM 570 Bethesda, Maryland / WGMS-FM 103.5 Washington, DC

WTOP-AM and its predecesors WTRC Brooklyn, NY; WTFF Mount Vernon Hills, VA; WJSV Washington, DC
WTOP-FM: Construction Permit (1945-48) - #1(1948-71) - #2 (1997-8) - #3 (1998)


Broadcasting group ownership histories:

Field Communications
Post-Newsweek Stations
RKO General

Broadcast network histories:

Don Lee Broadcasting System (United States west coast)

Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS)

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

RKO Radio Network

Yankee Network (New England 1920s-1967)

Non-broadcast History Information

Unity Motion High Definition Satellite Service

Production Company Logos & Themes

The Harris/PBS DTV Express (1998-99)

Advanced Television Test Center (1987-2003)

RKO Radio Pictures (movie studio with a history in broadcasting)

Research related links:
National Archives & Records Administration
Washington National Records Center
The Broadcast Archive @ OLDRADIO.COM
National Public Broadcasting Archives
Library of American Broadcasting

FCC Broadcast History Resources

 NOTE: All FCC records (which still exist) prior to 1969 are now stored at the National Archives "Archives II" building in College Park, Maryland.

FCC Accession lists - the first accession lists I have transcribed are ready. Use these to access the records at the National Archives. I have copies of the other accession lists. Contact me for how to get hard copies of lists not already transcribed.

For details of what is actually in the boxes listed in the FCC accession lists, see these James Snyder authored documents:
52-A-51 - Dept. of Commerce - Deleted Stations: 1921-1927

54-A-145 - Dept. of Commerce Files of Active Stations in the FCC era as of 1954.

55-A-639 - Commercial FM & TV general station license files

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