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Extensive experience in many types of video and audio editing, including A/B roll, HDTV, and non-linear editing of compressed and uncompressed video and audio materials. Concurrent experience in studio and field production and engineering.

Editing & related experience :

Reuters Television - International Broadcast Centre, Washington, DC (2/96 to present)
A/B roll editing with Betacam SP VTRs, DVCPRO VCRs, and non-linear Avid MCExpress.
Intake duties, including satellite coordination, coordination with Reuters master control for the routing and QC of signals via Bell Atlantic AVOC, WIT, Brightstar, VYVX and various other signal carriers. Remote studio control for as-live transmissions.

Fox News Washington Bureau
(11/96 to 2/98)
As-needed editor on Digital-S/Betacam SP A-B roll editing systems and Avid Newscutter systems. Factory trained in both editing and servicing JVC Digital-S and Avid Newscutter systems.
Also acted as Maintenance and construction engineer for startup network news facility. Extensive experience with digital VTRs, cameras, switchers, routers, linear and non-linear edit suites.
Supervising engineer for Fox News Sunday responsible for all engineering functions including satellite feed coordination and troubleshooting and responsibility for all engineering aspects of a multinational live public affairs program on the Fox Television Network.

Advanced Television Test Center, Inc. (2/95 to 1/96)
Served as HDTV and NTSC video editor and Technical Operations Center engineer for the test center responsible for testing all proposed U. S. high definition television standards. Prepared and tested images and multi-channel digital audio with Sony digital high definition video tape recorders, Pixar high definition image generator, and wide range of state-of-the-art high definition imaging equipment. Also prepared NTSC materials for testing, and QC'd all test materials before approved for use in testing. QC'd all materials coming out of proposed systems for quality and artifacts. After Grand Alliance HDTV testing was completed, edited video tapes showing wide range of video and audio impairments for use in materials presented to the FCC's Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Systems. Worked with both Mac-based computer and stand-alone Sony edit controllers. Co-managed test materials video tape database. Worked with Sony HDD-1000 Digital HDVS VTRs, BTS HDTV camera, HD-modified D3, standard NTSC D2 and wide variety of custom HD and NTSC video and audio test signal generators.

PBS Advanced Television Field Test Project
(9/95 to 6/96)
Edited high-definition and NTSC video tapes for presentation at variety of audiences.
Coordinated the operations of the PBS Advanced Television Field Test truck containing the Grand Alliance digital HDTV reception system at various demonstration sites in the Washington, DC area.
Supervised the transportation and setup of HDTV reception equipment for demonstrations to various industry groups including the SMPTE at WUSA-TV, the PBS Fall 1995 Affiliates meeting, and the FCC en banc meeting on Advanced Television Service. This was the first practical demonstration of over-the-air HDTV transmissions under real-world conditions.

Discovery Communications Inc.
(3/94 to 1/95)

Edited projects for use within Discovery on D2, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, 1" Type C and DAT. Also edited short promotional spots for the stock footage library on in-house Avid Media Composer. Coordinator for International Program Sales Division, and coordinator for the Stock Footage Library for Discovery Communications, Inc., managing and tracking DCI-owned programs in distribution to oversees broadcasters, and sales of stock footage to domestic and international clients.

Freelance Editor / Operations Technician / Television Production Technician 3/91 to present

Wide variety of assignments including studio and field camera work, directing, technical directing, audio directing, floor direction, editor (cuts-only, A/B roll, Avid nonlinear), etc. Clients have included Turner Engineering, Sarnoff Labs, VisNews/Reuters Television, George Washington University Television, Johns Hopkins University, the National Air & Space Museum, the U. S. Departments of Agriculture, Justice and Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Communications Commission.

WIPB Channel 49, Muncie, Indiana
February 1980 to August 1986
2 quad, 1 Sony, 1 type-C, and editing of short and long-form segments for local public affairs programs, including Second Look , Encounter , and BSU (Ball State University) Today . Field and studio camera work, and master control operations for PBS affiliate.

Other relevant experience :

The American University
9/90 to 5/98
Contract Chief Engineer of educational TV and radio production & training facilities. Designed and built television, satellite, and fiberlink master control center. Designed fiber optic-based 1Ghz cable television system with analog and digital satellite reception capabilities. Supervised ongoing training of staff and students in studio production and engineering techniques.

WRGW Radio & Television
10/82 to 7/87
Chief Engineer/Managing Director. Supervised the transfer of control of stations within University from academic unit to independent operating unit. Design, funding, and construction of studios, offices and transmission facilities at new facility. Managed and directed all day-to-day operations of the station after transfer of control.

WBST-FM 92.1, Muncie, Indiana
May 1982 to September 1983
Engineering, master control, satellite coordination, direction and production of live programming; news producer & anchor for NPR-affiliated radio station.

Motion Picture Projectionist
August 1974 to present

Worked both as freelance and on-call projectionist for organizations including American University Media Center, George Washington University Marvin Center, KB Theatres, Pomfret School, and the DC Convention Center. Experienced in 35mm, 16mm, 8mm and limited 70mm projection; Dolby 4-track, 6-track and SR-D, Kintek, DTS (Digital Theatre Sound) and Ultra-stereo sound systems; Simplex, Century, Norelco projectors and automation systems.


The American University, Washington, DC:
B.A., Communications, 1993 (School of Communication);
B.A., Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics & Government, 1993 (School of Public Affairs)

Northern Virginia Community College , certificate in AM Broadcast Technologies.
Additional course work completed at The George Washington University and The Ohio State University.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)
Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE)