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The opinions expressed in these views are my own. If you don't like my opinions, email me. If your opinion is informed and makes a sensible arguement in my judgement, I'll post it here! My movie review philosophy:
Most movie reviewers tell you there personal feelings about a movie. That's the nature of any movie review. My feeling is, to be useful, a movie review should also give you information on what the movie is about and under what circumstances the movie was viewed. Only then can a reader get a good idea of not only what the movie is about, but what might have affected what the reviewer saw. That is what I am endeavouring to do here. Let me know what you think!
I have also included my reviews of the theatres I have attended, hopefully allowing those interested in the viewing experience as much as going to a movie to make an informed decision. Also, if a theatre is below par, empowering viewers to demand improvement!

Currently available:
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Gone With the Wind (1998 Restoration)
Object of My Affection
Return to Paradise

Coming soon:

Dr. Dolittle
The Horse Whisperer
Sliding Doors
The Truman Show

Movie Theatre reviews:

Washington, DC metropolitan area:
AMC Courthouse 8

AMC Hoffman Center 22 - Alexandria, Virginia
AMC Potomac Mills 15
AMC Skyline 1-6 and 7-12
Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse
Bethesda Theatre Cafe
Carmike Cinema 6 - Charlottesville, Virginia

Cineplex Odeon Uptown
Avalon 1,2 - now dark, those Cineplex bastards

Cineplex Odeon Shirlington 7

Leesburg Tally Ho - now closed, a real shame

Charlottesville, Virginia:

Vinegar Hill Theatre - Charlottesville, Virginia

Jefferson Theatre - Charlottesville, Virginia

and many, many more!

Stay put, and enjoy the show....


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