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DOC License files of active FCC stations as of 1954
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Compiled at the Washington National Records Center, National Archives and Records Administration, Suitland, Maryland during February and March, 1996, updated June, 1998.

Folder call Last Lic. call Last DOC # Last Licensee Equip. Owner (if different) Last City of License First Lic. Date First Lic. call First DOC# First Licensee First owner (if different than Lic) First City of License Comments
WCSH WCSH 1813 Congress Square Hotel Company
"Portland, Maine" 7/24/25 WCSH same Henry F. Rines

xHenry F. Rines effective 1/22/27
WDAE WDAE 379 Tampa Daily Times
"Tampa, Florida" 5/15/22

WDAF WDAF 382 The Kansas City Star
"Kansas City, MO" 5/16/22 WDAF same Kansas City Star - William F. Nelson Estate

xKansas City Star-William F. Nelson Estate
WDAH WDAH 1984 Trinity Methodist Church
"El Paso, Texas" 3/22/23 WDAH same "Trinity Methodist Church, South"

Owner name chg. effective 8/15/23
WDAS WIAD 718 Howard R. Miller
"Philadelphia, PA" 7/22/22 WIAD same Ocean City Yacht Club Howard R. Miller "Ocean City, New Jersey" City of license change effective: 10/22/23
WDAY WDAY 418 Radio Equipment Corporation same "Fargo, North Dakota" 5/23/22 WDAY

see next lines for ownership changes

WDAY 418 Kenneth M Hance & Associates same "Fargo, North Dakota" 5/23/22

WDAY 418 Kenneth M. Hance same "Fargo, North Dakota" 8/18/22

WDAY 418 Fargo Radio Service Company Kenneth M. Hance "Fargo, North Dakota" 11/20/22

WDAY 418 Fargo Radio Service Company Fargo Radio Service Company "Fargo, North Dakota" 2/5/23

WDAY 418 "Fargo Radio Service Company, Inc." same "Fargo, North Dakota" 8/6/23

WDAY 418 "Radio Service Corporation, Inc." same "Fargo, North Dakota" 10/20/23

WDBJ WDBJ 1431 Richardson-Wayland Electric Corporation
"Roanoke, Virginia" 12/5/24

WDBO WDBO 1440 "Rollins College, Inc." "Central Florida Broadcasting Station, Inc." "Winter Park, FL" 5/19/24

WDEL WDEL 717 "Wilmington Electric Specialty Company, Inc."
"Wilmington, DE" 7/22/22 WHAV same same

Call letter change effective 8/19/26
WDGY WDGY 1281 Dr. George W. Young
"Minneapolis, MN" 2/17/23 KFMT same ? ? same Call letter change to WHAT 4/6/25; chg. to WDGY 12/7/26
WDOD WDOD 1741 "Chattanooga Radio Company, Inc."
"Chattanooga, TN" 4/14/25


WDSU WCBE 1340 Uhalt Bros. Radio Company
"New Orleans, LA" 2/15/24 WCBE same Uhalt Radio Company W.J. Uhalt same Licensee name change effective 10/3/24
WDZ WDZ 606 James L. Bush
"Tuscola, Illinois" 6/23/22 WDZ same same same same
WEAF WEAF 684 National Broadcasting Company (Incorporated)
"New York City, NY" 4/29/22 WBAY same American Telephone & Telegraph Company Western Electric Company same Call letter change effective 5/12/23; see notes below

WBAY 684 American Telephone & Telegraph Company
"New York City, NY" 4/29/22

Change in ownership effective 5/22/26; became wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T

WEAF 684 Broadcasting Corporation of America (Incorporated)
"New York City, NY"

Change in ownership effective 2/16/27; purchased by the Radio Corporation of America
WEAN WEAN 454 The Shepard Company
"Providence, RI" 6/5/22

WEBC WEBC 1485 W.C. Bridges W.Cecil Bridges "Superior, Wisconsin" 6/27/24

WEBQ WEBQ 1539 Tate Radio Company Joseph R. Tate "Harrisburg, IL" 9/30/24 WEBQ same Joseph R. Tate Joseph R. Tate same
WEBR WEBR 1542 H. H. Howell
"Buffalo, New York" 9/30/24

WEDC WEDC 2032 Emil Denemark Broadcasting Station
"Chicago, Illinois" 10/4/26

"First license marked as License change from WLBB, no date or details given."

WELL WKBP 2010 Enquirer-News Company
"Battle Creek, MI" 9/18/26 WKBP

WENR WENR 1746 All-American Radio Corporation
"Chicago, Illinois" 4/16/25

Includes licenses of WBCN; see below

WBCN 1598 Foster & McDonnell
"Chicago, Illinois" 12/18/24 WBCN

last license dated 2/8/27; marked deleted
WESG WEAI 432 Cornell University
"Ithaca, New York" 5/27/22 WEAI
"School of Engineering, Cornell University"

WEST WKJC 1143 Kirk Johnson & Company
"Lancaster, PA" 6/2/23 WDBC same same

Call letter change effective 8/16/27
WEVD WSOM 1953 Union Course Laboratories
"Woodhaven, NY" 7/27/26 WJBV same same
same Call letter change effective 2/3/27
WEW WEW 560 The St. Louis University
"St. Louis, MO" 3/23/22 WEW

WEXL WAGM 1986 Robert L. Miller
"Royal Oak, MI" 8/19/26 WAGM

WFAA WFAA 456 Dallas News and Dallas Journal A. H. Belo Corp. "Dallas, Texas" 6/5/22 WFAA

WFAM WRAF 1094 "The Radio Club, Inc."
"LaPorte, Indiana" 4/17/23 WRAF

WFAS WBRS 1977 Universal Radio Manufacturing Company
"Brooklyn, NY" 8/19/26 WBRS

WFBC WFBC 1572 First Baptist Church
"Knoxville, TN" 11/4/24 WFBC

WFBG WFBG 1504 William F. Gable Company
"Altoona, PA" 7/23/24 WFBG

WFBL WFBL 1557 The Onondaga Company
"Syracuse, NY" 10/20/24 WFBL same Onondaga Hotel Company

Name change effective xx/xx/xx
WFBM WFBM 1559 Merchants Heat & Light Company
"Indianapolis, IN" 10/23/24 WFBM

WFBR WFBR 1569 "5th Infantry, Maryland National Guard"
"Baltimore, MD" 11/3/24 WFBR

WFAB WHAP 1700 H. Alvin Simmons
"Brooklyn, NY" 3/17/25 WFAB same

Licenses are in reverse order in folder.
WFDF WFDF 426 Frank D. Fallain
"Genessee, MI" 5/25/22 WEAA same Fallain & Lathrop Frank D. Fallain same Call letter change effective 3/23/25
WFIL WFI 345 Strawbridge and Clothier
"Philadelphia, PA" 3/18/22 WFI

WGAL WGAL 502 Lancaster Electric Supply and Construction Company
"Lancaster, PA" 6/24/22 WGAL

WGAR WGAR 879 Wittenberg College
"Springfield, Ohio" 10/13/22 WNAP same "Wittenberg College, Department of Physics"

Call letter change effective 3/6/25
WGBB WGBB 1597 Harry H. Carman
"Freeport, NY" 12/13/24 WGBB

WGBF WGBF 1608 Finke Furniture Company
"Evansville, IN" 1/3/25 WGBF

WGBI WGBI 1620 Scranton Broadcaster Inc.
"Scranton, PA" 1/13/25 WGBI

WGES WGES 1239 Oak Leaves Broadcasting Corporation
"Chicago, IL" 10/10/23 WTAY same Indar-Oak Leaves Broadcasting Corporation

Call letter change effective 4/6/25
WGH WPAB 3002 Radio Corporation of Virginia
"Norfolk, VA" 12/6/26 WPAB

WGL WCWK 1682 Chester W. Kean
"Fort Wayne, Indiana" 3/3/25 WHBJ same Laver Auto Company Donal Bottenhorn
Call letter change effective 9/3/26
WGN WGN/WLIB 406 The Tribune Company
"Chicago, Illinois" 5/19/22 WDAP same Midwest Radio Central Inc.

File includes lic. #1577: see below; See license details for #406 below.

WDAP 406 Midwest Radio Central Inc.
"Chicago, Illinois" 5/19/22

WDAP 406 The Board of Trade of the City of Chicago
"Chicago, Illinois"

Change in name effective 6/26/23

WDAP 406 The Whitestone Company The Drake Hotel "Chicago, Illinois"

Change in name effective 5/20/24

WGN 406 The Whitestone Company The Drake Hotel "Chicago, Illinois"

Call letter change effective 7/15/24

WGN 406 The Chicago Tribune The Whitestone Company "Chicago, Illinois"

Change in licensee 10/17/24; Whitestone continues to own equipment

WGN 406 The Chicago Tribune The Tribune Company "Chicago, Illinois"

The Tribune Company equipment owners effective 7/19/26

WGN/WLIB 406 The Chicago Tribune The Tribune Company "Chicago, Illinois"

WGN combined with WLIB effective 10/20/26
WGN WCEE 1577 Charles E. Erbstein Charline's Station "Chicago, Illinois" 11/14/24

1st license marked as a license change to Class B and call letters WOBO crossed out for WCEE

WTAS 1577 Charles E. Erbstein
"Chicago, Illinois"

Call letter change to WTAS from WCEE effective 1/26/25

WLIB 1577 "Liberty Weekly, Inc."
"Chicago, Illinois"

Call letter & license change effective 10/23/25

WLIB/WGN 1577 "Liberty Weekly, Inc & The Tribune Company, Inc."
"Chicago, Illinois"

FRC orders consolidation of WLIB & WTAS into WGN on 9/6/28 or forfeit licenses. See FRC docket 73 (WLIB) & 87 (WTAS)
WGR WGR 331 Federal Radio Corporation Federal Telephone Manufacturing Company "Buffalo, NY" 3/14/22 WGR same Federal Telephone & Telegraph Company

See next lines for further license details

WGR 331 Federal Telephone Manufacturing Company

Change in licensee name for 8/25/24

WGR 331 Federal Radio Corporation Federal Telephone Manufacturing Company

Change in licensee name effective 10/28/25; owner of equipment stays the same.
WGST WGST 1558 Georgia School of Technology
"August, GA" 10/23/24 WBBF same same

Folder includes file for WBBF #1291- see notes below. Call letter change from WBBF to WGST effective 1/12/25

WBBF 1291 Georgia School of Technology
"August, GA" 1/7/24 WBBF same same

Station deleted; last license dated 6/10/24 expiring 9/10/24.
WGY WGY 285 General Electric Company
"Schnectady, NY" 1/4/22 WGY

#113 2XI mentioned on 10/17/25 WGY license; Granted Broadcast Development License 8/21/23; Granted Broadcasting License 7/19/26.