United States Department of Commerce

Bureau of Navigation, Radio Division

DOC License files of active FCC stations as of 1954
Accession # 54-A-145 - Box 58 of 63

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Compiled at the Washington National Records Center, National Archives and Records Administration, Suitland, Maryland during February and March, 1996, updated June, 1998.

Folder call Last Lic. call Last DOC # Last Licensee Owner (if different) Last City of License First Lic. Date First Lic. call First DOC# First Licensee First owner (if different than Lic) First City of License Comments
WAAB WBET 3026 Boston Transcript Company
"Boston, Mass." 12/18/26

WAAF WAAF 608 Chicago Daily Drovers Journal
"Chicago, Ill." 4/7/22 WAAF same Union Stockyard & Transit Company

xUnion Stockyard & Transit Company - 6/9/22
WAAT WAAT 1975 Frank V. Bremer Bremer Broadcasting Corporation "Jersey City, NJ" 8/19/26 WAAT

WABC WABC 1531 Atlantic Broadcasting Corporation
"Richmond Hill, NY" 9/20/24 WAHG same A.B. Grebe & Company

includes file for WBOQ-see next line

WBOQ 1719 A.H. Grebe & Company
"Richmond Hill, NY" 9/28/25

Last licensed 1/26/27
WABI WABI 1869 First Universalist Church
"Bangor, ME" 10/14/25


WADC WADC 1714 Allen T. Simmons
"Akron, Ohio" 3/23/25 WADC same Allen Theatre

WAPI **** **** FILE MISSING - CARD DATED 10-16-70

WARD WCGU 2062 Chas. G. Ungar
"Lakewood, NJ" 11/1/26

WASH WASH 1619 Baxter Launderers & Cleaners
"Grand Rapids, MI" 11/12/25 WBDC same Baxter Laundry Company

xWBDC 10/20/26
WAVE WFIW 4015 "The Acme Mills, Inc."
"Hopkinsville, KY" 2/12/27

WAWC **** **** FILE MISSING - DATED 4-19-66

WBAA WBAA 599 Purdue University
"West Lafayette, IN" 4/5/22

WBAL WBAL 1988 "Consolidated Gas, Electric Light & Power Company of Baltimore"
"Baltimore, MD" 8/24/26

1st authorized by DOC letter 12/18/25
WBAP WBAP 693 "Carter Publications, Incorporated"
"Fort Worth, Texas" 5/2/22 WBAP same Worth-Carter Publishing Company The Star Telegram

WBAX WBAX 690 "John H. Stenger, Jr."
"Wilkes-Barre, PA" 4/29/22

WBBC WBBC 1989 Brooklyn Broadcasting Corporation Peter J. Teston "Brooklyn, NY" 8/24/25

WBBL WBBL 1345 Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church
"Richmond, VA" 2/23/24

WBBR WBBR 1324 Peoples Pulpit Association
"Roseville, NY" 1/31/24

most file contents are negative photocopies
WBBZ WBBZ 1846 C.L. Carrell
Portable 9/9/25

WBCM WSKC 1150 World's Star Knitting Company
"Bay City, MI" 4/3/25

WBEN WMAK 840 Norton Laboratories Inc.
"Lockport, NY" 9/22/22

WBIG WNRC 1857 Wayne M. Nelson
"Greensboro, NCf" 12/24/25 WJBG
Interstate Radio Inc.

xWJBG 8/19/26
WBIL WLWL 1829 The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle
"New York, NY" 11/11/25

WBNS WCAH 470 C. A. Entrekin
"Columbus, OH" 9/11/22 WCAH
The Entrekin Electric Company

WBRB WBRB 1833 Robert S. Johnson
"Red Bank, NJ" 11/20/25

WBRC WBRC 1777 Birmingham Broadcasting Company
"Birmingham, AL" 5/27/25 WBRC
Bell Radio Corporation

change in name of same owner eff: 9/11/26
WBRE WBRE 1626 Baltimore Radio Exchange Louis G. Baltimore "Wilkes-Barre, PA" 1/16/25

WBTM **** **** NOT A DOC/FRC FILE: FCC file dated 1937

WBZ WBZ 224 Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company
"Springfield, MA" 12/13/21

2 early Limited Commercial forms are marked 1XAE; 1st Class B-Broadcasting license: 11/1/22
WBZA WBZA 1844 Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company
"Boston, MA" 9/2/25

"Listed as Boston, MA on last license in folder dated 12/30/26"
WCAD WCAD 359 St. Lawrence University
"Canton, NY" 5/4/22

WCAE WCAE 698 Kaufmann & Baer Company
"Pittsburgh, PA" 5/3/22

WCAL WCAL 363 St. Olaf College Radio Station St. Olaf College "Northfield, MN" 5/6/22

WCAM WCAM 1528 City of Camden
"Camden, NJ" 9/18/24 WFBI same "Galvin Radio Supply, Inc."

"xGalvin Radio Supply, Inc. eff. 8/3/26"
WCAO WCAO 366 Monumental Radio Incorporated
"Baltimore, MD" 8/7/22

see ownership change notes next few lines

WCAO 366 Sanders and Stayman Company

WCAO 366 Kranz-Smith Sanders and Stayman Company

effective 2/3/25

WCAO 366 Brager of Baltimore Albert A. & A. Stanley Brager "Baltimore, MD"

effective 4/20/25

WCAO 366 Monumental Radio Incorporated

"same managment, different company eff. 11/8/26"
WCAP WDWM 2083 Radio Industries Broadcast Company
"Newark, NJ" 11/22/26

WCAT WCAT 371 South Dakota State School of Mines
"Rapid City, Iowa" 5/9/22

WCAU WCAU 367 Universal Broadcasting Company
"Philadelphia, PA" 5/10/22

see ownership notes next lines

WCAU 367 Philadelphia Radiophone Company

WCAU 367 Durham & Company

effective 1/24/23

WCAU 367 Universal Broadcasting Company

effective 11/17/26
WCAX WCAX 365 University of Vermont
"Burlington, VT" 5/13/22

WCAZ WCAZ 393 Carthage College
"Carthage, IL" 5/15/22 WCAZ same Robert E. Compton and Quincy Whig-Journal

xRobert E. Compton and Quincy Whig-Journal - 9/24/23
WCBA WCBA 1137 Queen City Radiophone Station Charles W. Heimback "Allentown, PA" 5/24/23

Charles W. Heimbach

WCBD WCBD 1159 Wilber Glenn Voliva
"Zion, IL" 6/13/23

WBCM WCBM 1389 Hotel Chateau Charles Schwartz-lessee "Baltimore, MD" 3/20/24 WCBM same Charles Schwartz

WCBS WCBS 1979 Harold L. Dewing & Chas. H. Messter
Portable 8/19/26

last licens dated 1/19/27
WCFL WCFL 1945 Chicago Federation of Labor
"Chicago, IL" 7/13/26

WCLO WCLO 1835 C.E. Whitmore
"Camp Lake, WI" 8/24/25

WCOA WCOA 1990 City of Pensacola
"Pensacola, Florida" 8/24/26

WCOC WCOC 4004 Crystal Oil Company
"Columbus, MS" 2/4/27

WCOL WMAN 869 Haskett Radio Station W.E. Haskett "Columbus, OH" 10/5/22 WMAN same Broad Street Baptist Church

WCPO WCPO 2072 The Gafield Place Hotel Company
"Cincinatti, OH" 12/8/24 WFBE same John Van De Walle

WCRW WCRW 1958 Clinton R. White
"Chicago, IL" 7/30/26