United States Department of Commerce

Bureau of Navigation, Radio Division

DOC License files of active FCC stations as of 1954

Accession # 54-A-145 - Box 56 of 63

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Compiled at the Washington National Records Center, National Archives and Records Administration, Suitland, Maryland during February and March, 1996.

Folder call Last Lic. call Last DOC # Last Licensee Owner (if different) Last City of License First Lic. Date First Lic. call First DOC# First Licensee First owner First City of License Comments
KGDE KDGE 2044 Jaren Drug Company
"Barrett, MN" 10/20/26

KGDM KGDM 2078 Victor G. Kaping & E.F. Peffer
"Stockton, CA" 11/13/26

KGDY KGDY 3023 J. Albert Loesch
"Oldham, SD" 12/18/26

KGEK KGEK 3054 Beehler Electrical Equipment Company
"Yuma, CO" 2/3/27

KGER KGER 3063 C. Merwin Dobyns
"Long Beach, CA" 2/7/27

Requested call KDOB; transfer of license from KGB Tacoma to KDOB Long Beach
KGEZ KGEZ 3091 Flathead Broadcasting Association
"Kalispell, Montana" 1/26/27

KGFF KGFF 3088 Earl E. Hampshire
"Alva, Oklahoma" 1/25/27

"Los Angeles, CA" 2/5/27

KGFL KGFL 4022 Trinidad Broadcasting Company N.L. Cotter "Trinidad, Colorado" 2/16/27

KGNC KGRS 991 Gish Radio Service
"Amarillo, TX" 12/28/22 WQAC same
same same deleted/lic. exp. 11/28/25; call change requested after resumption: 11/13/26
KGO KGO 1307 General Electric Company
"Oakland, California" 1/22/24

KGU KGU ****> NOT AN DOC/FRC FILE! All records are FCC: 1934-1938
"Honolulu, Hawaii" not applicable

KGW KGW 353 The Oregonian Publishing Company
"Portland, Oregon" 3/21/22

KGY KGY 585 St. Martin's College
"Lacey, Washington" 3/30/22

KHJ KHJ 927 The Times Mirror Company
"Los Angeles, CA" 2/10/23 KFAF 339
C.R. Kierulff & Company "Los Angeles, California" see below for first KHJ license details contained in the same folder

KFAF 339 C.R. Kierulff & Company
"Los Angeles, CA" 3/18/22

Last #339 license expired 11/28/22
KHQ KHQ 307 "Louis Wasmer, Inc."
"Spokane, Washington" 2/28/22 same same
same "Seattle, Washington" xSeattle 10/2/25 license
KIDO KFAU 553 Independent School District of Boise City
"Boise, Idaho" 7/18/22 KFAU same
same same
KIRO KPCB 3076 Pacific Coast Biscuit Company
"Seattle, Washington" 1/17/27

KIT KFEC 865 Meier Frank & Company
"Porland, Oregon" 10/3/22

KJBS KJBS 1609 Julius Brunton & Sons Company
"San Francisco, CA" 1/3/25 KFUQ

xKFUQ 3/27/25
KLO KFUR 1611 Peery Building Company
"Ogden, Utah" 1/5/25 KFUR same
H.W. Peery & C Redfield same xH.W. Peery & C Redfield 1/22/25
KLRA WLBN 3027 William Evert Hiler
"Portable-Chicago, IL" no license issued

KJR KOMO 3052 Fisher's Blend Station Incorporated
"Seattle, Washington" 12/30/26 KOMO

note on license notes call change to KJR dated 4-18-44

KLUF KFLX 1267 George Roy Clough
"Galveston, Texas" 12/28/23

KLX KLX 695 Tribune Publishing Company The Oakland Tribune "Oakland, California" 5/3/22

KLZ KLZ 316 "The Reynolds Radio Company, Inc."
"Denver, Colorado" 3/10/22

KMA KMA 1826 May Seed & Nursery Company
"Shenandoah, Iowa" 8/12/25

KMAC KGCI 1995 Liberto Radio Sales
"San Antonio, Texas" 8/23/26 KGCI same
International Radio Company

KMED KMED 3049 W.J.Virgin
"Medford, Oregon" 12/29/26

KMBC KLDS 1184 Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
"Independence, MO" 7/3/23 KFIX same
same same xKFIX 1/14/25; see below for station WPE file included in folder

WPE 607 Central Radio Company
"Kansas City, MO" 1/5/22 WPE same
same same last license expired 4/5/23
KMJ KMJ 563 Fresno Bee
"Fresno, California" 3/23/22 KMJ same
San Joaquin Light & Power Company
xSan Joaquin Light & Power Company 2/22/25
KMMJ KMMJ 1973 The M.M. Johnson Company
"Clay Center, Nebraska" 8/19/26

KMO KMO 587 KMO Inc.
"Tacoma, Washington" 3/30/22 KMO

Love Power Company
xLove Power Company 9/15/26

NOT A DOC/FRC FILE! FCC only: 1949-52
"Modesto, California"

KMOX KMOX 2050 "Voice of St. Louis, Inc."
"Kirkwood, Missouri" 10/23/26

KNOW KGDR 3001 Radio Engineers
"San Antonio, Texas" 12/7/26

KMPC KRLO 4027 Freeman Lang & A.B. Scott
"Los Angeles, CA" 2/19/27

KMTR KMTR 1387 KMTR Radio Corporation
"Los Angeles, CA" 3/19/24 KFPG same
Garretson & Dennis same xKFPG - Garretson & Dennis -11/3/25
KOA KOA 1642 General Electric Company
"Denver, Colorado" 1/28/25

KOAC KOAC 969 "Oregon Agricultural College, Physics Department"
"Corvallis, Oregon" 12/7/22 KFDJ same
same same xKFDJ 7/19/26
KOB KOB 910 New Mexico College of Agricultural & Mechanic Arts
"State College, NM" 4/5/22

KOCY KFXR 1961 Classen Film Finishing Company G.W. Classen "Oklahoma City, OK" 8/3/26

First authorized via DOC letter 2/5/25
KOIL KOIL 1810 MonoMotor Oil Company
"Council Bluffs, IA" 7/15/25 KOIL

Monarch Manufacturing Company
xMonarch Manufacturing Company - 7/15/25
KOIN KOIN 1875 "KOIN, Inc."
"Sylvan, Oregon" 10/19/25 KQP 1875
H.B. Read "Hood River, Oregon" see note below for different KQP license and changes; xKQP #1875 8/19/26

KQP 637 Blue Diamond Electric Company Lloyd H. Simson "Hood River, Oregon" 4/12/22

KQP 637 Hood River News Company


KQP 637 Apple City Radio Club H.B.Read

KQP #637 deleted 11/25/24; again 10/10/25
KOL KPOA 417 Rhodes Department Store The Rhodes Company "Seattle, Washington" 5/23/22 KDZE same
The Rhodes Company
see KDZE note next line

KDZE 1327 The Rhodes Company
"Seattle, Washington" 1/30/24

final KDZE #1327 license exp. ?
KOMA KFJF 1194 National Radio Manufacturing Company
"Oklahoma City, OK" 9/7/23 KFJF same
KOMO **** **** FILE MISSING - CARD DATED 12/14/?? CARD REV. 9/79

KONO KGRC 3079 Gene Roth & Company
"San Antonio, Texas" 2/17/27

KOOS KLIT 4020 Lewis Irvine Thompson
"Portland, Oregon" 2/15/27

file notes that KLIT is a requested call; see note next line on KGEH included in folder

KGEH 3045 Eugene Broadcast Station
"Eugene, Oregon" 12/30/26

Included in KOOS file folder

KOWH WAAW 657 Omaha Grain Exchange
"Omaha, Nebraska" 4/19/22

Includes 8/20/40 letter re: KQW/KEX transmitter location changes; doesn't appear to have anything to do with this file or station during this time period
KOY KFCB 814 Neilson Radio Supply Company
"Phoenix, Arizone" 9/6/22

KPAC KWWG 1786 Chamber of Commerce
"Brownsville, Texas" 6/10/25 KWWG same
Board of City Development

KPO KPO 650 Hale Bros. & The Chronicle
"San Franscisco, CA" 4/17/22 KPO same
Hale Bros. Incorporated

KPOF KGEY 3077 J.W. Diets
Denver, Colorado 1/17/27

KPPC KPPC 1612 Pasadena Presbyterian Church
Pasadena, CA 1/5/25

KPQ KGCL 2001 Louis Wasmer and Archie Taft
Seattle, Washington 9/3/26 KGCL same
Louis Wasmer