DOC Deleted Stations 1921-1927: Accession 52-A-51 Box 7
United States Department of Commerce

Bureau of Navigation, Radio Division

DOC deleted broadcast license files (1921-1927)
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These files are arranged with the first license on top, the final on the bottom with the deletion details marked on the final license.

File boxes 52-A-51 #1-8 are arranged alpha by City of License.

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First Lic. call First DOC # First Licensee First Owner (if different) Address First City of License First Lic. Date License Type Wave/Freq. Power Time XMTR Lat. XMTR Long. Expiry Date # of Lic. Marked deleted: Last License eff: Last License exp: Last Lic. call Last DOC# Last Licensee Last owner Last City of License Comments
KFVK 1755

KVQ 250

WABM 1162

WIAW 732

WDBQ 1452

KFCD 822

WFAD 460

WBES 1637

WEBI 1510

KFOO 1388

KFUT 1614

KFLH 1245

KDYV 388

KFPH 1401

WJAE 730

KFCL 950

KFFA 930

KDYO 372

KON 625

KDPT 335 Southern Electrical Company
3rd & E Sts. "San Diego, CA" 6/30/22

Note in file says 1st 3/1/21 license removed
KYF 675 Thearle Music Company
640 Broadway "San Diego, CA" 8/25/22

KDYM 369 Savoy Theatre
236 C St. "San Diego, CA" 5/10/22

WQAF 1004 The Sandusky Register E.H. Mack 128 W. Water St. "Sandusky, OH" 1/11/23

WABH 1119 Lake Shore Tire Company
1014 Hancock St. "Sandusky, OH" 5/7/23

KGB 259 Edwin L. Lorden

"San Francisco, CA" 12/8/21

KZY 253 Atlantic Pacific Radio Supplies Company
6003 Ocean View Drive "Oakland, CA" 12/9/21

KSL 318 The Emporium
Market St. "San Francisco, CA" 3/11/22

KVO 291 The Examine Printing Company
5 Third St. "San Francisco, CA" 2/13/22

KDZG 427 Cyrus Reirce & Company
433 California St. "San Francisco, CA" 5/25/22

KDZW 464 Claude W. Gerdes San Francisco's Radio Bible Study Board 699 Corbett Ave. "San Francisco, CA" 6/7/22

KDN 246 Leo J. Meyberg Company
Fairmont Hotel-Calif. & Mason "San Francisco, CA" 12/8/21

KFPV 1414 "Heintz & Kohlmoos, Inc." Ralph M. Heintz 119 26th Ave. "San Francisco, CA" 4/17/24

KFDB 791 John D. McKee
"crner, Lombard & Kearney" "San Francisco, CA" 8/22/22

KYY 256 The Radio Telegraph Shop-A.F. Pendleton A.F. Pendleton 175 Steuart St. "San Francisco, CA" 12/20/21

WFAR 472 Hall and Stubbs
1 Bennet St. "Sanford, ME" 6/13/22

KFVJ 1754 First Baptist Church
2nd & San Antonio "San Jose, CA" 4/24/25

KFAQ 534 City of San Jose (Municipality)

"San Jose, CA" 7/7/22

KSC 674 O.A. Haly and Company
140 South 1st St. "San Jose, CA" 4/26/22

KFAF 1891 Alfred E. Fowler
"corner, 31st & San Antonio" "San Jose, CA" 11/2/25

WGBO 1644 Dr. Roses Artan
197 Ponce Leon Avenue "Santurce (San Juan), PR" 1/30/25

KFBE 714 Reuben H. Horn
990 Monterey St. "San Luis Obispo, CA" 7/21/22

KFBE 1676 "Horn & Wilson's ""Radioland""" Horn & Wilson's 1023 Morro St. "San Luis Obispo, CA" 2/20/25

KFMU 1283 Stevens Brothers
511 West Hopkins St. "San Marcos, TX" 12/19/23

KFAW 724 The Radio Den "W.B. Ashford, H.T. White" 513 North Sycamore St. "Santa Ana, CA" 7/26/22

KFHJ 985 Fallon Company Howard Fallon 23 West Figueroa St. "Santa Barbara, CA" 12/20/22

KFNV 1335 L.A. Drake Battery & Radio Supply Shop L.A. Drake 505 4th St. "Santa Rosa, CA" 2/7/24

WJBB 1799 L.W. McClung
1922 Central Ave. "St. Petersburg, FL" 6/22/25

WHAO 536 Frederic Arthur Hill
1223 E. Duffy St. "Savannah, GA" 1/15/23

WGAV 517 B.H. Radio Company
204 W. Broughton St. "Savannah, GA" 6/30/22

WEBZ 1561 Savannah Radio Corporation
11 East York St. "Savannah, GA" 10/23/24

WRAB 1056 Savannah Board of Public Education
200 Bull St. "Savannah, GA" 2/24/23

WRL 313 Union College
"North Collanade, College Campus" "Schenectady, NY" 1/25/23

WRAY 925 Radio Sales Corporation
116 Spruce St. "Scranton, PA" 11/9/22

WLAO 820 Anthracite Radio Shop "Roy C. Ehrhardt, Pres., Arthracite Radio Shop" Conell Bldg; Washington Avenue "Scranton, PA" 9/8/22

KZC 659 Public Market & Department Store Company
411 34th Avenue "Seattle, WA" 11/2/22

KFC 244 Northern Radio & Electric Company
600 Pine Street "Seattle, WA" 12/8/21

KKP 3017 "City of Seattle, Harbor Department"
Pier One. Ft. Yessler Way "Seattle, WA" 12/27/26


KFIY 1189 Brott Laboratories F.J. Brott "2048-B 42nd Avenue, North" "Seattle, WA" 7/7/23

KXRO 2036 Brott Laboratories
609 Washington Blvd. "Seattle, WA" 10/5/26

KROX 3097 N.D. Brown and W.J. Calsamalia
4728 Bennett St. "Seattle, WA" 1/31/27

KFPB 1370 Edvin J. Brown
1318 E. Boston St. "Seattle, WA" 3/5/24

KFQX 3008 Alfred M. Hubbard
609 Washington Blvd. "Seattle, WA" 12/7/26

KFQW 1493 C.F. Knierim Photo Radio & Electric Shop Bengal St. "North Bend, WA" 7/8/24

KGDI 2073 Northwest Radio Service Company Pacific Broadcasting Corporation "7025 18th Avenue, NE" "North Bend, WA" 11/10/26

KFJC 1195 "Post-Intelligencer Company (C.C. Rosewater, Vice Pres.)" Northern Radio & Electric Company 606 Pine Street "North Bend, WA" 7/18/23

KDZT 749 Seattle Radio Association
924 West 60th St. "North Bend, WA" 8/1/22

KFHR 1077 Star Electric and Radio Company
3335 3rd Ave. S. "North Bend, WA" 2/20/23

KFJH 1199 The Sugar Bowl H.R. Shaw 1920 East Front St. "Selma, CA" 7/19/23

WGAJ 500 W.H. Gass
413 7th Avenue "Shenandoah, IA" 6/23/22

KFHF 1099 Central Christian Church C.L. Jones 850 Hope St. "Shreveport, LA" 4/20/23

WAAG 631 Elliott Electric Company Percy R. Elliott 517 Spring St. "Shreveport, LA" 4/11/22

KFDX 1060 First Baptist Church
Travis & McNeil Sts. "Shreveport, LA" 3/2/23

WMAU 863 Louisiana State Fair Association
Fair Grounds "Shreveport, LA" 10/2/22

WOAD 895 Friday Battery and Electric Corporation
108-110 So. Main St. "Sigourney, IA" 1/2/23

KFOV 1374 Davis Electrical Corporation
510 Pierce St. "Sioux City, IA" 3/6/24

WHAE 519 Automotive Electric Company
308 6th St. "Sioux City, IA" 6/30/22

KFMR 1278 Morningside College Walter O. Ducomun Morningside Ave. "Sioux City, IA" 12/13/23

WEAU 449 Davidson Brothers Company
4th & Pierce "Sioux City, IA" 6/3/22

WFAT 1280 The New Columbus College
22nd West St. "Sioux Falls, SD" 12/17/23

WFAT 477 The Daily Argus-Leader
109-111 Main Ave. (No.) "Sioux Falls, SD" 6/14/22

KFOW n/a Davis Electric. Corp.

"Sioux Falls, IA"
"charge out card - hand printed by Mr. Davis, Docts. 3/21/49"

WDBU 1462 Somerset Radio Company
45 Water St. "Skowhegan, ME" 6/4/24

WABJ 1141 The Radio Laboratories Clem Portman Dean Bldg.; Lafayette St. "South Bend, IN" 5/29/23

KFFR 1083 Jim Kirk "Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada" Fifteenth & C Sts. "Sparks, NV" 3/24/23

KFZ 556 The Doerr-Mitchell Electric Co.
1514 W. 9th Ave. "Spokane, WA" 3/23/22

KOE 632 Spokane Chronicle
Riverside & Monroe "Spokane, WA" 4/12/22

WQAE 997 Moore Radio News Station Edmund B. Moore Putnam Ave. "Springfield, VT" 12/30/22

WDAC 392 Illinois Watch Company
9th & N. Grand Ave. "Springfield, IL" 5/15/22

WIAP 723 Radio Development Corporation
97 Dwight St. "Springfield, MA" 7/24/22

WIAI 707 The Heer Stores Company

"Springfield, MO" 8/7/23

KFNH x State Teachers College EMPTY FOLDER

WKAS 798 L.E. Lewis Music Company
221-223 Booneville Ave. "Springfield, MO" 8/22/22

WQAB 957 Southwest Missouri State Teachers College
National Boulevard "Springfield, MO" 12/2/22

KFUV 1624 G. Pearson Ward
236 State St. "Springfield, MO" 1/16/25

WLAM 821 The Morrow Radio Company
1231 East High St. "Springfield, OH" 1/16/23

WGBW 1660 Valley Theatre Vernon Hicks 102 Erie St. "Spring Valley, IL" 2/7/25

WOAZ 947 Penick Hughes Company
102 E. Hamiton "Stamford, TX" 11/24/22

KFGH 937 The Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University

"Stanford University, CA" 11/20/22

KFRY 1587 New Mexico College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts

"State College, NM" 12/8/24

WPAB 910 Pennsylvania State Colleg
campus "State College, PA" 11/1/22

WBBC 1117 Sterling Radio Equipment Company Orville M. Kimball "Room 22, Academy Bldg. Locust St." "Sterling, IL" 5/7/23

WTAK 1155 The Swan-Bower Company

"Steubenville, OH" 6/7/23

WIBR 1798 Thurman A. Owings
Orchard St. "Weirton, WV" 6/22/25

WHBB 1653 Hebal's Store John Hebal 328 McCulloch St. "Stevens Point, WI" 2/3/25

KJQ 258 C.O. Gould