DOC Deleted Stations 1921-1927: Accession 52-A-51 Box 6
United States Department of Commerce

Bureau of Navigation, Radio Division

DOC deleted broadcast license files (1921-1927)
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These files are arranged with the first license on top, the final on the bottom with the deletion details marked on the final license.

File boxes 52-A-51 #1-8 are arranged alpha by City of License.

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First Lic. call First DOC # First Licensee First Owner (if different) Address First City of License First Lic. Date License Type Wave/Freq. Power Time XMTR Lat. XMTR Long. Expiry Date # of Lic. Marked deleted: Last License eff: Last License exp: Last Lic. call Last DOC# Last Licensee Last owner Last City of License Comments
WGL 287 Thomas F. J. Hewlett
2303 No. Broad Street "Philadelphia, PA"

WHBW 1709 D.R. Kiensle
4916 Chestnut St. same

WABY 1289 "John Magaldi, Jr."
815 Kimball St. same

WPJ 598 St. Joseph's College
"corner, 18th & Thompson" same

WFBD 1586 Gethesmane Baptist Church R.J. Lloyd 18th & Columbia Ave. same

WBBT 1328 Lloyd Brother
3157 Frank Ford Ave. same

WWAD 980 "Wright & Wright, Inc."
2215 No. Broad Street same

KDYW 380 Smith Hughes & Co.
Arizona St. "Phoenix, AZ"

WDK 292 The Pine Bluff Company
512 Main Street "Pine Bluff, AR"

KFPX 1417 First Presbyterian Church
5th & Walnut Sts. "Pine Bluff, AR"

KFFY 1092 "Pinous & Murphy, Incorporated"
Third St. "Alexandria, LA"

WMBU 3098 Paul J. Miller
1133 Crendmoor Avenue "Pittsburgh, PA"

KFIV 1177 V.H. Broyles
703 East 10th St. "Pittsburgh, KS"

WCBF 1358 Paul J. Miller
1133 Crendmoor Avenue "Pittsburgh, PA"

WPB 272 The Newspaper Printing Company
Gazette Square "Pittsburgh, PA"

8XK 236 1/2 Frank Conrad & Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
7712 Penn. Ave. "Pittsburgh, PA"

8XK 551 Frank Conrad Frank Conrad & Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. 7712 Penn. Ave. "Pittsburgh, PA"

WBBK 1317 Kaufman & Baer Company
Smithfield "Pittsburgh, PA"

WRAJ 1035 M.H. Pickering Company
1000 Penn. Ave. same

WHAF 515 The Radio Electric Company
1427-29 Liberty Street same

WSAT 995 The Plainview Electric Company Donohoo-Ware Hardware Co.
"Plainview, TX"

KFYJ 1132 Sidney I. Thorean Thorean & Davis
"Platte, SD"

KFED 918 Billings Polytechnic Institute

"Polytechnic, MT"

KGF 288 Pomona Fixture & Wiring Company
310 West 2nd St. "Pomona, CA"

WKBU 2099 Harry K. Armstrong
"1037 Maryland Ave. New Castle, PA" PORTABLE

WCWS 1883 Charles William Selen
69 Exchange St. Chicago PORTABLE

WKBG 1789 C.L. Carrell
36 State St. Chicago PORTABLE

WHBM 1685 C.L. Carrell
1506 North American Bldg. 36 State St. Chicago PORTABLE

WIBJ 1764 C.L. Carrell
36 State St. Chicago PORTABLE

WRMU 1815 "A.H. Grebe & Company, Inc."
70 Van Wyck Blvd. "Richmond Hill, NY"

Motor Yacht MV-1 "New York City, NY"

WGMU 1791 "A.H. Grebe & Company, Inc"
Motor Yacht MV-1 "New York City, NY"

WBOX 1719 "A.H. Grebe & Company, Inc"
Motor Yacht MV-1 "New York City, NY"

Included in folder with #1791 WGMU
KFYJ 1877 Houston Chronicle Publishing Company
"Radio Dept. the Chronicle, Houston, TX" PORTABLE

WCBR 1402 Charles H. Messter
"42 Doyle Ave. Providence, RI" PORTABLE

WIBT 1805 Orlando Edgar Miller
"504 Carnegie Hall, NYC, NY" PORTABLE

WKBY 2061 Fernwood Quick
"347 Mill St. Danville, PA" PORTABLE

WEBL 1521 Radio Corporation
"233 Broadway, NYC, NY" PORTABLE

WEBM 1621 Radio Corporation
"233 Broadway, NYC, NY" PORTABLE

WFAH 465 Electric Supply Company
537 Proctor St. "Port Arthur, TX"

WSAY 1242 Irving Austin Rep. Port Chester Chamber of Commerce Midland Avenue "Port Chester, Ny"

WBBH 1298 J. Irving Bell
1511 Gordon "Port Huron, MI"

WTAJ 1215 The Radio Shop James H. Nicholson 100 North Street "Portland, ME"

KROW 3041 Oregon Broadcast Company
385 58th Street "Portland, OR"

KFAB 482 "Pacific Radiofone Company, Inc"
675 Brasee St. "Portland, OR"

KFOH 1353 The Radio Bungalow Eric. H. Chambers 1209 Taggert St. same

KFRQ 1576 Radio Market Service Co. H.M. Schultz 270 Stark St. same

KWBS 4012 Schaeffer Manufacturing Company
226 E. 41st Street same

KYG 891 "Radio Service Bureau, Incorporated"
11th & Washingtn St. same

KGG 327 Hallock & Watson Radio Service
192 Park St. same

KQY 586 Stubbs Electric Company
75 Sixth Street same

KGN 591 Northwestern Radio Mfg. Co.
1556 East Taylor St. same

KYG 575 "Willard P. Hawley, Jr."
400 East 22nd N. same

KDYQ 376 Oregon Institute of Technology
6th & 'Taylor same

KFQN 1475 Third Baptist Curch
Vancouver & Knott same

WJAL 745 Victor Radio Corporation
Lafayette Hotel; Congress St. same

WDAB 391 H.C. Summers and Son
906 Gallia St. "Portsmouth, OH"

WOAQ 945 Portsmouth Radio Association Dr. C.T. Mercer 28 Washington St. "Portsmouth, VA"

WOAQ 1066 Portsmouth Kiwanis Club
28 Washington St. "Portsmouth, VA"

WSEA 3064 Virginia Beach Broadcasting Company
Atlantic Avneue "Virginia Beach, VA"

WFAF 462 H.C. Spratley
359 Main Street "Poughkeepsie, NY"

KFBQ 815 Savage Electric Company
140 North Cortes "Prescott, AZ"

KPJM 2008 Wilburn Radio Service Frank Wilburn Journal-Miner Bldg. same

WABF 2095 Markle Broadcasting Corporation
P.O. Kingston "Pringleboro, PA"

WRAH 1068 Stanley N. Read
191 Alabama Ave. "Providence, RI"

WKAP 774 Dutee Wilcox Flint
1332 Narragansett Avenue "Cranston, RI"

WSAD 1157 J.A. Foster Company
69 Dorrance Street "Providence, RI"

WTAG 1154 Kern Music Company
84 Waybesset St. "Providence, RI"

WGBM 1632 Theadore N. Saaty
92 Dover St. "Providence, RI"

KFGB 1007 Loewenthal Brothers
616 Main St. "Pueblo, CO"

KGDP 2095 "Pueblo Council, Boy Scouts of America"
2927 High St. "Pueblo, CO"

KFRX 1581 J. Gordon Klemgard

"Pullman, WA"

WHBX 1724 J.W. Bowser
206 Greenwood Avenue "Punxsutawney, PA"

WCAW 384 Quincy Herald & Quincy Electric Supply Co.
1033-35 Maine St. "Quincy, IL"

WLAC 809 North Carolina State College

"Raleigh, NC"

WBBD 1133 "Barbey Battery Service, Incorp."
Fourth & Walnut "Reading, PA"

KFRP 1574 Trinity Episcopal Church
449 Chestnut Avenue "Redlands, CA"

KDYN 368 Great Western Radio Corporation W.E. Bowen
"Redwood City, CA"

KMC 58 Lindsay-Weatherill & Company

"Reedley, CA"

KDZK 438 Nevada Machinery and Electric Co.
Center and Front Sts. "Reno, NV"

KOJ 694 University of Nevada

"Reno, NV"

KFAS 545 Reno Motor Supply Company
11 West Plaza St. "Reno, NV"

KFAZ 998 C.H.P. Weatherill
1300 G St. "Reedley, CA"

KFOU 1384 Hommel Manufacturing Co.
"RFD Route #1, Box 519D" "Richmond, CA"

KFCM 990 Richmond Radio Shop Frank T. Doering 421 McDonald St. "Richmond, CA"












WDY 225 Radio Corporation of America

"Roselle Park, NJ"

WEBY 1552 Hobart Radio Company Russell P. Hobart 570 Hyde Park Ave. "Roslindale, MA"

KNJ 602 The Roswell Public Service Company
112 West 3rd. St. "Roswell, NM"

KFMZ 1292 "Roswell Broadcasting Club-Ross Malone, Pres."
400 N. Main St. "Roswell, NM"

WEAV 445 Sheridan Electric Service Compnay T.C. Shipley
"Rushville, NE"

KFGO 1477 Meier Radio Shop

"Russell, KS"

WFAM 481

"18 Sixth Avenue, N" "S. Cloud, MN"












KFQA 1454 The Principia
5539 Page Avenue "St. Louis, MO"

WMBE 3057 Dr. C.S. Stevens
2018 Grand Ave. "St. Paul, MN"

KFOY 1378 Beacon Radio Service M.G. Goldberg 711 Dayton St. "St. Paul, MN"

WAAH 621 "Commonwealth Electric Company, Incorporated"
182-184 Sixth St. "St. Paul, MN"

WSAG 1174 Loren V. Davis City of St. Petersburg 6 North 7th St. "St. Petersburg, FL"

WCBK 1380 E. Richard Hall
2801 Central Avenue "St. Petersburg, FL"

WDBI 1465 Radio Specialty Company
819 3rd St. South "St. Petersburg, FL"

WKBJ 1981 "Gospel Tabernacle, Inc"
5th Ave. & 10th St. "St. Petersburg, FL"

WIBC 1722 "L.M. Tate-Post #39, Veterans of Foreign Wars"
"434 2nd Avenue, North" "St. Petersburg, FL"