DOC Deleted Stations 1921-1927: Accession 52-A-51 Box 4
United States Department of Commerce

Bureau of Navigation, Radio Division

DOC deleted broadcast license files (1921-1927)
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These files are arranged with the first license on top, the final on the bottom with the deletion details marked on the final license.

File boxes 52-A-51 #1-8 are arranged alpha by City of License.

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First Lic. call First DOC # First Licensee First Owner (if different) Address First City of License First Lic. Date License Type Wave/Freq. Power Time XMTR Lat. XMTR Long. Expiry Date # of Lic. Marked deleted: Last License eff: Last License exp: Last Lic. call Last DOC# Last Licensee Last owner Last City of License Comments
WNO 277

Jersey City, NJ

WKBO 2006

Jersey City, NJ

WBBV 1333

Johnstown, PA

WGBK 1622

Johnstown, PA

WTAC 943

"Johnstown, PA"

WJVA 1795

"Joliet, IL"

WIBL 1774 McDonald Radio Company

"PORTABLE - Joliet, IL"

WIBD 1735 X-L Radio Service

"Joliet, IL"

KDBW 1960 Martin Brotherson

"Joplin, MO"

WJAC 735 The Redell Company

"Joplin, MO"

WHAH 527 Hafer Supply

"Joplin, MO"

KFJC 1762 R.B. Fagan (Auspices of the Episcopal Church)

"Junction City, KS"

KFIU 1178 Alaska Electric Light & Power company

"Juneau, AK"

WLAQ 833 Artheur E. Schilling

"Kalamazoo, MI"

WOAP 944 Kalamazoo College

"Kalamazoo, MI"

WMAJ 816 Provers Telegram Company?

"Kansas City, MO"

KFJC 1762 R.B. Fagan (Auspices of the Episcopal Church)

"Junction City, MI"

KFJU 1219

"Kearney, NE"

KFHP 1131

"Kearney, NE"

KFEY 1076

"Kellogg, ID"

WCAR 956

"Kenosha, WI"

WKDR 1976

"Kenosha, WI"

WDBZ 1478 "Ulster County Council, Boy Scouts of America"

"Kingston, NY"

KDYU 387

"Klamath Falls, OR"

WABA 1095 Lake Forest College

"Lake Forest, IL"

KFKZ 1795 State Teachers College

"Kirksville, MO"

KNT 676

"Kukak Bay, AK"

WABN 1160

"La Crosse, WI"

WMBL 3082

"Lakeland, FL"

KFKH 1135 Denver Park and Amusement Company Nichols Academy of Dancing
"Denver, CO"

WSAS 909 "State of Nebraska, Department of Agriculture"

"Lincoln, NE" 2/14/23 P-LC

WKAC 743 The Star Publishing Company

"Lincoln, NE" 8/18/22 P-LC

KFDU 1048 Nebraska Radio Electric Company
2701 O Street "Lincoln, NE" 8/22/22 P-LC

WLAF 788

2419 South Street "Lincoln, NE" 7/31/22 P-LC

WMAH 794

135 North 13th Street "Lincoln, NE" 7/25/22 P2-LC

2041 K Street "Lincoln, NE" 5/31/24 PA-LC

1521 O Street "Lincoln, NE" 6/26/22 P-LC

1456 American Electric Company J.N. Mears 1521 O Street "Lincoln, NE"

WGAT 508 "American Legion, Department of Nebraska"
1100 O Street "Lincoln, NE"

WOAC 893 The Page Organ Company
404-10 Main Street "Lima, OH"

WLBX 3047 John N. Brahy
283 Crescent Street "Long Island City, NY"

WFAL 489 University of Nebraska
11th & S Streets "Lincoln, NE"

KFHS 1169 Electric Shop of Kauai Clifford J. Dow n/a "Kauai, Territory of Hawaii"

WMAG 836 The Tucker Electric Company R.A. Tucker 217 North Washington Street "Liberal, KS"

WQAH 1005 "Brock-Anderson Electrical Engineering Company, Inc."
235 East main Street "Lexington, KY"

KFBA 525 Ramey and Bryant Radio Comapnay
307 Main Street "Lewiston, ID"

WNBK 4018 H.C. Barton Electric Company
18 Myrtle Street "Le Roy, NY"

WIAU 731 American Trust & Savings Bank
"11 Central Avenue, NW" "Le Mars, IA"

KFCY 1038 Western Union College
10th Street "Le Mars, IA"

WPAV 992 Paul Tinetti & Sons
103 Hula Street "Laurium, MI"

WGBN 1640 Hub Radio Shop L.S. Cusick 2nd & Gooding "La Salle, Il"

WWAX 894 Wormser Brothers
n/a "Laredo, TX"

KFBU 866 Bishop N.S. Thomas
200 Thornburg Street "Laramie, WY"

WHAL 531 "Phillips, Jeffrey & Derby" Lansing Capital News 225 Washington Street "Lansing, MI"

WREO 1566 Reo Motor Car Company
n/a "Lansing, MI"

KFFV 1074 Graceland College
n/a "Lamoni, IA"

WGAY 512 Northwestern Radio Company
250 State Street "Madison, WI"

WCOM 3028 172 Field Artillery-Hqd. Battery-New Hampshire National Guard
60 Pleasant Street "Manchester, NH"

WNAK 880 Manhattan Radio Supply Co. E. B. Pasley 306-A Poyntz Ave "Manhattan, KS"

KFVH 1715 Whan Radio Shop Herbert Whan 221 Poyatz Avenue "Manhattan, KS"

KFQS 1488 Dickenson-Henry Radio Laboratories
Hiawatha Garden "Maniton, CO"

WBAW 689 Marietta College

"Marietta, OH"

KFOL 1356 Leslie M. Schafbuch

"Marange, IA"

WSAA 1030 B.S. Sprague Electric Company
121 Putnam Street "Marietta, OH"

WIAQ 722 Chronicle Publishing Company
413 South Washington Street "Marion, IN"

WRAD 1016 Taylor Radio Shop
3rd Street "Marion, KS"

WJAT 760 Kelley-Vawter Jewelry Company W.E. Johnson 77 Lafayette Street "Marshall, MO"

KFOF 1355 Rohrer Electric Co.
245 Central Avenue "Marshfield, OR"

KFOF 1517 Rohrer Electric Co.
255 Central Avenue "Marshfield, OR"

WGVR 1652 George S. Ives
114 Central Avenue "Marshfield, WI"

WLAR 827 Mickel Music Company
128 Main Street "Marshalltown, IA"

KFBH 755 L.L. Thomas Thomas Musical Company 73 East Main Street "Marshfield, OR"

WDBD 1428 H.E. Burns
South Green Street "Martinsburg, WV"

WIBE 1742 Martinsburg Radio Broadcasting Company
145 south Queen Street "Martinsburg, WV"

WQAL 972 Coles County Telephone & Telegraph Company
113 South 17th Street "Mattoon, IL"

WTAN 831 Orndorff Radio Shop
2217 Shelby Street "Mattoon, IL"

KFHU 1175 M.G. Sateren

"Mayville, ND"

WRAC 1015 State Normal School State of North Dakota
"Mayville, ND"

WGI 289 American Radio & Research Corporation

"Medford Hillside, MA"

WARC - effective 5/6/25
WHBS 1702 Edward William Locke

"Mechanicsburg, OH"

WCBO 1395 "The Radio Shop, Inc."
189 Union Avenue "Memphis, TN"

WKN 562 The Reichman-Crosby Company
223 South Front Street "Memphis, TN"

KFAY 771 W.J. Virgin
105 Main Street "Medford, OR"

Virgin's Radio Service - effective 7/2/23
WBAH 666 The Dayton Company
7th & Nicollet "Minneapolis, MN"

WMBM 3084 Seventh Day Adventist Church Tennessee River Conference of 7th Day Adventists Corner N. Parkway & Dunlap St. "Memphis, TN"

WPO 573 United Equipment Company
600 Monroe Avenue "Memphis, TN"

KFLW 1238 Signal Electric Manufacturing Company
1910 Broadway "Menominee, MI"

WGBQ 1648 Stout Institute

"Menominee, MI"

WIBP 1792 First Presbyterian Church
10th & 23rd Avenue "Meridian, MS"

WFAW 487 Miami Daily Metropolis
Flagler Street "Miami, FL"

WIAQ 748 Electric Supply Sales Company A.P. Schneider Flagler Street "Miami, FL"

27 Halcyon Arcade - effective 11/9/22
WEBO 1523 Radio Company H.W. Fahrlander 409 High Street "Hamilton, OH"

WSRO effective 12/16/24
WTRL 3025 Technical Radio Laboratory H.C. Hogencamp 28 Sicomac Avenue "Midland Park, NJ"

WSAK 1173 The Daily News Foster Egner Second Street "Middleport, OH"

WOAS 960 Bailey's Radio Shop Philip A. Bailey 283 Main Street Middletown, CT

WAAK 640 Gimbel Bros. Dept. Store
Grand Avenue Milwaukee, WI

WLAG 813 Cutting & Washington Radio Corporation
230 Oak Grove Street Minneapolis, MN

WDAD 394 William Louis Harrison Central Kansas Radio Supply 122 East Lincoln Street Lindsborg, KS

WCAV 386 J.C. Dice Electric Company
113 Capitol Avenue Little Rock, AR

KFLQ 1248 Bizzell Radio Shop M.C. Bizzell 17th & Main Street Little Rock, AR

WEAX 458 T.J.M. Daly
1200 East Ninth Street Little Rock, AR

WSV 572 Dr. L. M. Hunter and G.L. Carrington
2420 Tzard Street Little Rock, AR

KYJ 254 Leo J. Mayberg Company
8th & Broadway Los Angeles, CA

KZC 252 Western Radio Electric Company
7th & Grand St. (Kinema Theatre) Los Angeles, CA

KUS 641 City Dye Works and Laundry Company
3000 Central Avenue Los Angeles, CA

KWH 644 Los Angeles Examiner
11th & Broadway Los Angeles, CA

KDZD 419 Los Angeles Couty Bible Students Association W.R. Mitchell 1113 Doris Street Los Angeles, CA

KRCA 1955 Radio Corporation of America
Los Angeles Auditorium/Ambassador Hotel "Los Angeles, CA" 9/5-11/26

"""" """" """"
Civic Auditorium "San Francisco, CA" 8/21-26/26

KDZP 440 Newberry Electric Corporation
724 Olive Street "Los Angeles, CA"

KNV 628 Radio Supply Company of California
815 South Main Street "Los Angeles, CA"

KFCL 1496 Leslie E. Rice Los Angeles Union Stockyards Co. Downey Street "Los Angeles, CA"

KQL 238 Arno A. Kluge
1045 South Bixel Street "Los Angeles, CA"

KJC 623 Standard Radio Company
724 South Broadway "Los Angeles, CA"

KJC 341 Standard Radio Company
724 South Broadway "Los Angeles, CA" 22-Apr

same folder as KJC 623
KFQG 1459 Southern California Radio Association "N.E. Brown, President" Exposition Park "Los Angeles, CA"

KFHQ 1163 Curtis Brothers Hardware Stroe/Paul Curtis Alred E. Fowler 110 W. Main Street "Los Angeles, CA"

KFIL 1148 The Windisch Electric Farm Equipment Company Clarence J. Windisch
"Louisburg, KS"

KSS 626 Prest & Dean Radio Company
18 Elm Avenue "Long Beach, CA"

KFMY 1290 "Long Beach District Council, Boy Scouts of America"
36 American Avenue "Long Beach, CA"

KFPR 1413 Los Angeles County Forestry Department
914 Hall of Records "Los Angeles, CA"

KDZF 423 Automobile Club of Southern California
2600 South Figueroa "Los Angeles, CA"

KNR 622 The Beacon Light Company
446 South Broadway "Los Angeles, CA"

KXS 620 The Braun Corporation
363 New High Street "Los Angeles, CA"

KNN 678 Bullock's
649 South Broadway "Los Angeles, CA"

KZI 629 Irving S. Cooper
2041 Argyle Avenue "Los Angeles, CA"

KLP 268 The Colin B. Kennedy Company
O'Keefe Avenue "Los Altos, CA"

WKAG 779 "Edwin T. Bruce, MD"
1300 3rd Street "Louisville, KY"

KFFZ 1093 Al G. Barnes Amusement Company
"Love Field/Dallas, TX" PORTABLE

WQAS 1041 Prince-Walter Company
55 Middle Street "Lowell, MA"

KGEU 3072 L.W. Clement
Lotowana Lodge "Lower Lake, CA"

WIK 328 K&L Electric Company Kelso & Lohman 427 Olive Street "McKeesport, PA"

WRAS 1085 Radio Supply Company R.E. Chapman 115 North Pearl Street "McLeansboro, IL"

WGAK 888 Macon Electric Company George B. Smith 367 2nd Street "Macon, GA"

WCBW 1416 "Gerge P. Rankin, Jr. & Maitland Soloman"
300 College Street "Macon, GA"