HDTV: the Digital Future
The era of digital television is nye!

Yep, the analog television system we've used for the last 50+ years is not only old hat, but about to be eclipsed. Right here in Washington we have one digital TV station on the air, and WETA is building another one at its new building in Shirlington, Virginia.

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My present project involving Unity Motion.

My work experience in HDTV & DTV.

The stories of what I've done in HDTV & DTV: the demos, the Test Center, etc.

Read about DTV & HDTV:

HDTV Newsletter

Some companies involved in DTV:

ATSC - The Advanced Television System Committee, the folks who set the standard.

HDVision - a production house located in Texas.

HD in Japan - haven't explored this one too much. Caveat emptor.

Snell & Wilcox - a high end video equipment company offering HD/Digital equipment.

Hi-Def - a commercial display company concentrating on conventions and meetings.

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