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Washington, DC / Baltimore, Maryland Television Stations

Here are all of the Washington/Baltimore ADI television stations and TV related links. Those with WWW sites are hotlinked.<

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Television Stations:

WMAR-TV Channel 2 Baltimore (ABC)

WRC-TV Channel 4 Washington, DC (NBC) - An NBC Owned & Operated Station.

WTTG-TV Channel 5 Washington, DC (Fox) - A Fox Owned & Operated Station.

WJLA-TV Channel 7 Washington, DC (ABC)

WUSA-TV Channel 9 Washington, DC (CBS) - A Gannett Station.

WBAL-TV Channel 11 Baltimore, MD (NBC)

WJZ-TV Channel 13 Baltimore, MD (CBS) - A Viacom/CBS Owned & Operated Station

WTMW-TV Channel 14 Arlington, VA (Telefuture - spanish language television)

WDCA-TV Channel 20 Washington, DC (UPN) - A Fox Owned & Operated Station

WMPT-TV Channel 22 Annapolis, MD (PBS) - Maryland Public Television

WUPB-TV Channel 24 Baltimore, MD (UPN)

WETA-TV Channel 26 Washington, DC (PBS)

WETA-DT Channel 27 Washington, DC (on the air 12/97)

WNVT-DT Channel 30 Goldvein, VA (MHz Networks - Independent Public TV)

WHUT-TV Channel 32 Washington, DC (PBS) (WHMM-TV: 1982-1998)

WUSA-DT Channel 34 Washington, DC - WUSA-TV 9's digital television station

WTTG-DT Channel 36 Washington, DC - WTTG-TV 5's digital television station

WJZ-DT channel 38 Baltimore, MD - WJZ-TV 13's digital television station

WJLA-DT channel 39 Washington, DC - WJLA-TV 7's digital television station

WMPT-DT channel 42 Annapolis, MD - WMPT-TV 22's digital television station

WPXW-DT channel 43 Manassas, VA - WPXW-TV 66's digital television station (TRANSMITS DURING PRIME TIME ONLY)

WBFF-TV Channel 45 Baltimore, MD (Fox) - A Sinclair station.

WRC-DT Channel 48 Washington, DC - The WRC-TV 4 digital television station

WBDC-TV Channel 50 Washington, DC (WB-TV) - A Tribune Broadcasting station.

WMAR-DT channel 52 Baltimore, MD - WMAR-TV 2's digital television station

WNVT-TV channel 53 - this station is now on digital channel 30 only. It was the first TV station to voluntarily return its analog license to the FCC.

WNUV-TV Channel 54 Baltimore, MD (UPN) - A Sinclair station.

WNVC-TV Channel 56 Fairfax, VA (MHz Networks - Independent Public TV)

WBAL-DT channel 59 Baltimore, MD - WBAL-TV's digital television station

WPXW-TV Channel 66 Manassas, VA (Pax Network)

HDTV Stations: (Click for HDTV related links....)
WETA-HD Channel 27 Washington, DC (on the air 12/97)
WRAL-HD Channel ?? Raleigh, NC
WCBS-HD New York City
KCTS Seattle
KXAS-TV Arlington, Texas

Washington Area TV-related Links:
Advanced Television Technology Center - Alexandria, VA
Public Broadcasting Service - Alexandria, VA

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