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What is coming on this site: I plan to capture still images from the 8 years of programming I have copies of, plus whatever I can access from the AU archives. I also have 8 years of still photos from which I will draw a select few for inclusion here.
Quick History: The American University's student television station started life as WAMU-TV in 1981. To prevent confusion with the student radio station, WAMU-AM and the University's broadcast FM station WAMU-FM, the call letters were changed to WAVE-TV in the fall of 1981. At various times, WAVE has been taken to mean "Washington Audio-Video Experience". In 1990, in response to a letter from Cosmos Broadcasting's WAVE-TV Channel 3 in Louisville, Kentucky, General Manager Tom Klitus changed the name of the station to American Television. ©2000 James Snyder - all rights reserved. This page founded 000614WE. Last updated 000615TH.