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Highway Christian Hospice
About Us

Our Mission, Ethics and Philosophy...

This mission of Highway Christian Hospice is to combine superior medical care with Christian spiritual support in the home while achieving physical comfort, inspiring peace of mind, and building positive relationships in order to ease the transition which terminally ill patients and their families face.
The primary emphasis of Highway Christian Hospice shall be the well-being of each patient we serve.  We pledge to work in cooperation with other healthcare professionals and the patient's family to promote quality care.  Each patient has the right to the best care available regardless of race, creed, religion or ability to pay.  Our services shall be rendered in such a manner as to justify trust, uphold high moral standards and honor God.
Facing death can sometimes be frightening, overwhelming and lonely.  Through holistic ministry to the body, soul and mind, our team of Christian professionals and volunteers build a sense of security, guidance and companionship on this challenging journey.  Common bonds of faith are sustaining to us all.

"Make straight in the desert a HIGHWAY for our God."
--Isaiah 40:3